Baby’s Head Left Inside Womb During Delivery


In what is a clear case of medical negligence, the nurses at a health centre in Rajasthan’s Ramgarh allegedly pulled a premature baby so hard that its head was left inside the womb. Two male nurses are said to be at the centre of this major medical botch up in which the foetus broke into two parts. The nurse allegedly pulled the baby’s legs with excessive force during delivery earlier this week.

In their alleged attempt to hide the case, Ramgarh doctors then referred the woman to Jaisalmer for further treatment and surgery, citing complications.

The reports from the Ramgarh health centre stated that delivery had been done. Also,the family didn’t inform that the head of the baby was inside the womb. On examining her I found the placenta to be hard and referred her to Jodhpur,” Dr Sankhla of Jawahar Hospital, Jaisalmer. Finally, the head was removed from the womb in a Jodhpur hospital.