AYUSH Ministry gears up for IDY 2020 with Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family campaign

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New Delhi: This year’s observance of International Day of Yoga, being held in the midst of the Conravirus pandemic, will highlight the health-building and stress-relieving aspects of yoga.
In the changed scenario, the trend that has emerged for observation of IDY is to focus on its health rewards and to do yoga at home on Yoga Day, being observed on June 21. The AYUSH ministry is supporting this trend by promoting the theme “Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family” in its IDY activities, an official release here said.
To facilitate this, the AYUSH ministry is organising a trainer-led session which will be telecast on Doordarshan on June 21 at 0630 hrs for people to follow and practice in solidarity.
Every year, June 21 is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of Yoga (IDY). The public has embraced this event in the previous years, adopting it as a celebration of India’s culture and tradition. This year the observation of IDY has become a search for good health and peace of mind, this time.
Today when the entire world is gripped in anxiety and fear, yoga becomes especially relevant now, since its practice leads to both physical and mental well-being. Of particular importance in these difficult times are the following two proven benefits which the public can gain from yoga: positive impact on general health and immunity enhancement, and its globally accepted role as a stress buster.
The 45-minute Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) is one of the most popular yoga programmes across the world and has been at the heart of the IDY since the beginning. It was developed by a team of leading yoga gurus and experts, and includes safe practices to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the population, which can be practiced at home on a daily basis. It is designed to be easily adoptable by the majority of the people irrespective of their age and gender and can be learnt through simple training sessions and online classes.