Awful Power Greed Of RSS-BJP & Congress Is Dangerous For Our Crumbling Democracy: AAP


Ongoing Lok Sabha elections campaign has exposed the ugly face of RSS-BJP & Congress the so-called nationalist political parties of country those seem crossing all limits of their awful power greed which is of course very dangerous for our crumbling democracy, expressed by S. Deep Singh the founder member & national council member of AAM AADMI PARTY in a press note issued today at Jammu for media houses. It is quite unfortunate that instead of immediately required electoral reforms, Election Commission of India (ECI) seems almost helpless before the power hungry central government of RSS sponsored BJP, he alleged. Recent repeated violations of election code by the said power greedy class & just notices of ECI, are sufficient to access its so-called curbing powers against the violators, he added.

RSS sponsored ‘SADHU-MANDLI’ dubbed politicians sent in assemblies & Parliament were already exposed for their communal statements and least knowledge on politics but this time it has jumped for setting-up the news mark in country’s crumbling democracy by nominating controversial Sadhvi Pragya Thakur as BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal, Deep Singh stated. As expected, the said Sadhvi started her campaign with ‘SHRAP’ like shameless comments against late Hemant Karkarey the most honest & martyred IPS officer killed in 26/2011 Mumbai militants attack, he added. On one hand RSS & BJP use to blame Pakistan army and J&K regional parties like NC & PDP for supporting Hafiz Sayed’s politics and pro-separatists stand within Kashmir whereas on the other hand both RSS & BJP leave hardly any chance to communalize the political scenario within the country for their power lust, he further added. Further more, PM Modi & his lieutenant Amit Shah had repeatedly tried to influence the voters in the name of Pulwama killings & other armed forces’ operations without caring the guide lines of ECI, he added.

Punjab CM Capt. Amrinder Singh is being often alleged for running away from his two and half years back promises made with public during assembly elections but yesterday he has warned his ministers & MLAs for strict action against them if they fail in win of congress MP candidates during ongoing LS elections, Deep Singh stated. Like other parts of country, Punjab is already much defamed for its money/power politics and in that case, what can be scene or result on ground after CM’s warning? Can be well accessed, he added.

Unwanted & dirty election winning methods of RSS-BJP & congress seem influencing other newly established political parties too those had claimed earlier that ‘Elections Jeetna Hamara Maqsad Nahin – Hum Vivastha Badalnain Ka Kaam Karain Gay’ press note added. The said unwanted acts of so-called nationalist political parties must be seen as swear danger for the Indian democracy which needs to be refined without wasting time, it urged. For a meaningful democracy, Nation must straightway reject the incredible shifts within our political system, it further urged.


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