Assist in spreading awareness about prevention of Coronarivus in Srinagar

Srinagar: The Srinagar district administration reached out to and held interactive sessions with religious heads and heads of places of worship in various Tehsils across the district.
Hundreds of clerics and heads of religious institutions participated, an official spokesman said on Saturday evening.
The aim of the interactive sessions to urge these heads to be messengers and sensitize the masses about the critical need to follow precautions to prevent spread and contraction of COVID-19.
The sessions were held in Tehsils Khanyar and North Srinagar witnessing considerable participation therein. Religious heads of all places of worship belonging to all different faiths attended the sessions and took part in interactions and deliberations held on the occasion.
In Khanyar Tehsil Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar Dr Shahid Coudhary chaired the interactive session in which besides religious heads of places of worship from the across the Tehsil civil society members and other respectable citizens were also present as participants.
Speaking on the occasion the DC said that COVID-19 is now a part of life at least till a vaccine becomes available and since lockdown and restrictions cannot be enforced forever following all precautions as due gains crucial significance.