Army to brainstorm on Artificial Intelligence on mechanized warfare at Hisar

New Delhi: At a time when the country is moving faster and most of forces in the world has implemented artificial intelligence (AI), there is an urgent need of adopting it in the Indian armed forces.

“The concept of AI came into existence in 1960s and most of military mightier had adopted this technology. India is lagging over three decades and we need to fill the gap sooner than later,” a defence official said.

In this regard, the Army has planned to hold a two-day brainstorming seminar on Artificial Intelligence on mechanized warfare on September 25 at Hisar under the aegis of Jaipur-based Sapta Shakti Command.

“The aim of this seminar is to bring together professionals in the field, eminent subject matter expertise and brainstorm the way ahead with an objective to identify and conceptualize AI technology based defence applications and platforms for the future battle field. In military warfare, we are looking at how can AI help us in becoming more effective, more lethal, sharper and decision oriented,” South Western Command GoC-in-Chief Lt Gen Alok Singh Kler said.

Artificial Intelligence is linking of thousands of thousands brains and putting them together and coming up with great solutions, Lt Gen Kler added.

“To be more accurate, more efficient and engage our main resource ‘the man’ more potently and effectively, we need to harness the AI in our platforms as well as our procedures. We have embarked on this journey with vigour,” Indian Army spokesperson Col Aman Anand said.

On importance of AI in Indian Army, Gen Bipin Rawat in January 2019 had said that India will be too late if the armed forces do not embrace AI soon enough.

In February 2018, the defence ministry had set up a multi-stakeholder task force for Strategic Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Defence that submitted its report in June.

The ministry implemented the recommendations by providing an institutional framework for policy implementation, issuing guidelines to the defence organizations and laying out a vision for capacity-building.

In February, the ministry had established a high-level Defence AI Council (DAIC) assigned with the task of providing strategic direction towards the adoption of AI in defence.

The DAIC will guide the partnership between the government and industry and also review the recommendations concerning the acquisition of technology and startups.

It also envisions the formation of a Defence AI Project Agency (DAIPA) as the central executive body.

The ministry ordered to focus on the capacity building within defence machinery.