Army Conducts ‘Kaumi Ekta Meet & Afforestation Drive’


With an aim to spread the message of ‘Clean & Green Environment’, on the occasion of ‘World Forestry Day’, the Indian Army conducted ‘Kaumi Ekta Meet & Afforestation Drive’ at Samote, Luni Darman, Kesri Hill, Hubi, Budhal, Makkidhar and Batsiyala.

The ‘Kaumi Ekta Meet’ also emphasized on conservation of nature and the importance of afforestation. The event was followed by distribution of a Fruit bearing sapling to each participant for the afforestation drive. The Kaumi Ekta Meet & Afforestation Drive witnessed the huge participation and a total number of 8,300 saplings were planted during the afforestation drive. The plantation drive included plantation of saplings of Guava, Mango, Jamun, Banana, Teak, Seasham, Deodar, Popular, Bottle Brush, Tali and Sadha varieties of trees.

The Kaumi Ekta Meet & Afforestation drive was a successful event since it not only created a mass awareness amongst the local populace but also laid emphasis on conservation of nature and natural resources. Local Villagers, Teachers, Students, Ex-Servicemen, Retired Government Employees and the Awam appreciated the initiative undertaken by the Army for nature preservation and pledged to take care of each sapling by adopting it and caring it in future.