Apsara Reddy Becomes First Transgender Office-Bearer


In a first, the Congress party has appointed Apsara Reddy, a trans woman, journalist and activist, as the National General Secretary of the party’s women’s wing – All India Mahila Congress (AIMC). The appointed was made by Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday. Following the appointment, Apsara became the first transgender person to be appointed as office-bearer in a national party.

“Congress is truly a party that built India and sustained us for generations with good policy and a sensitive and inclusive approach in governance. Rahul Gandhi ji’s commitment to fair representation of women, women-centric manifesto goals and dynamism are truly inspiring and I would be delighted to serve women across the country under his leadership,” she said after joining Congress .

Apsara was earlier a part of the BJP and the AIADMK. She quit BJP within a month of joining the party calling the party ‘regressive’ and then became the National Spokesperson of the AIADMK.