Appeal For Immediate Restoration Of Suspended Road Connectivity And Civil Supplies In Ramnagar


Mr. Ranbir Singh Pathania, spokesperson J & K BJP, has made a fervent appeal to the Governor seeking immediate restoration of suspended road connectivity and civil supplies in Ramnagar. Whereas, the only road link from Udhampur to Ramnagar has been suspended thereby snapping one lac population from rest of the State. He also sought prompt steps for restoring/opening up of road from Udhampur Ramnagar to Basantgarh and Dudu and other link roads. He further reminded Governor of the commitment made by the Government on the floor of Assembly that funds for immediate ‘brace-up’ of Roun-Ramnagar shall be made available before 31-03-2018. But the said commitment has been observed in breach leading to emergence of a crisis-like situation where the main road from Roun to Ramnagar has been suspended.

In particular Mr. Pathania has craved for immediate restoration of civil supplies in far-flung villages of Ramnagar, Ladana, Satyan, Lehar, Chigla Balota, Ponara, Khaned, Mang, Sang, Raichak, Rasligaderan, Chakal, Rotal, Siameri, Balota, Kidwah, Lodhra, Ghar Ghityas, Plaei, Pachound, Chochroo, Shiv Gali, Latti Dhoona, Kirchi, Lalon Gala of Dudu-Basantgarh area, falling in Ramnagar assembly. A crisis-like situation has been prevailing in snow-infested areas of Ramnagar and scores of villages are without power and drinking water supply since the past 3-4 days. Given the situation in view of unprecedented snowfall in areas of Ramnagar, particularly in Dudu-Basantgarh area, and the absence of government touch over here, threats of a starvation and epidemic break-out are looming large. The situation in these areas is expected to become graver as fresh snowfall coupled with incessant rains have hit the area. And the shortage of essential commodities like LPG, kerosene, household articles and power and clean drinking water may bloom up into a calamity for the people putting up over here. Also, the administration has done nothing to unfold the process for assessing the losses suffered by people on account of snowfall over here.

Mr. Pathania while making a fervent appeal has sought unfolding of immediate crash measures so as to restore power, drinking water, ration supplies and spur up human and animal healthcare facilities in the area so that the miseries and hardships of the people over here could be curtailed. He also sought air-dropping of ration, warm clothings, blankets and other essential commodities at Ponara, Dudu, Basantgarh, Gandh Top, Lehar, Jofar and G. S. Banj.