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  Anuvrat: rising Sun of new India
– Lalit Garg –

As an innovative and unique mission in the creation of a new era and an ethical revolution in public consciousness, the Anuvrat movement is the first moral movement not only of the country but of the world, which has been involved to uplift  human values. March 1, 1949 marks the historic day of the founding of the Anuvrat Movement. 72 years ago, Acharya Shri Tulsi also suggested its highway as Anuvrat with the message of real independence for independent India. This philosophy of Anuvrat movement, given by Acharyashree Tulsi, has been introduced as a world philosophy today. The second decade of the 21st century ended with a global tragedy in the form of the corona virus epidemic. A tragedy that has forced man to rethink about his life values and lifestyle. On the face of this change, the Anuvrat movement is presenting a lifestyle that will be able to change human thinking from self-welfare to world welfare.

The seventy-two-year-long journey of the  movement symbolizes the sunrise of new India. Making a difficult effort to build national character, this mission touched every problem of the nation and reached various forums at the international level. An honourable recognition was given to the Anuvrat movement. Everyone from the common man to the top accepted its need. The promoter of Anuvrat, Acharya Shri Tulsi and later his disciple Acharya Shri Mahapragya and the present Acharya Shri Mahashraman made many padyatras in the entire nation and neighbouring countries and undertook meaningful and effective ventures to elevate human beings  to the highest forums of the nation addressing the decline of moral values and vicious attitudes of man.

All the three Acharyas rose above their religion and gave priority to the concept of universal religion. They gave the correct meaning of “religion” and “secularism”. Under their leadership, the scope for the solution of human and global problems became wider. The Anuvrat movement has become the voice of human beings. There are many ideologies and debates in the world and there are many mechanisms, policies and systems to implement them. On these, the heads of different nations keep changing their style of operation according to the country, time, and situation. But to establish moral values, ideology and some movement that related to human welfare was started in India by the efforts of Acharya Tulsi.

In Anuvrat movement there is a lot of openness, great depth and subtlety. His philosophy also meets the test of scientific thinking. It is difficult for an ordinary person to adopt the best values of life, but if we understand values, then it is possible. Anuvrat has given importance to change of heart and change of vision. Many times the politics of today has also established values, which can be called healthy, but they have collapsed in the absence of proper implementation.Over time people’s thinking changes, expectations change, and new concepts of development are formed. Many old beliefs and  styles are pushed to the background. Those who were once eloquent about them have become silent.  Slow or fast, everyone wants progress and not stagnation.

Stagnation or delay in development is indirect death. Whoever stopped, whoever left awareness, whoever left the truth, was marginalized. Today’s development, whether it is of the society, or the nation, starts from the individual. Development is all-inclusive. If the nation is be developed, every village,society and individual should progress.   This is what Gandhiji and Vinobaji called ‘Sarvodaya’. Mahavir called it ‘Sarvopagraho Jeevanam’ and this is what Acharya Tulsi called ‘rule over discipline again’.

Corruption has become rampant today and  the re-establishment of morality is extremely important. The Anuvrat movement has always been a medium for voices against corruption and establishing moral values. This movement has become a strong advocate of morality. Now Anuvrat Vishwa Bharati and its president Mr. Sankesh Jain have inherited a legacy which is a lamp which they are ready to keep burning.On the 73rd Anuvrat Foundation Day on March 1,2021,  each and every worker of Anuvrat rededicate themselves to this mission of human welfare with a new resolve. With the aim of making the ‘Anuvrat lifestyle’ to the lifestyle of every Indian, the Anuvrat movement is going to start a long campaign from this day itself.

Today the forums through which morality is being articulated are very limited and quite incapable of impacting and creating consciousness. In such a situation, it is an adventure to come forward with seriousness and strong programmes.

There are many occasions in the lives of human beings when values get clouded. All faith gone,   people get into unwanted lifestyles. But this cannot be forever. New ideas grow, new systems are born and new styles, new expectations originate. Our mission is to keep lamps burning in the dark paths of life.