Animal Liberation March India

After months of intense planning and meticulous preparation by a bunch of hardcore vegan activists, the biggest ever Animal Liberation March in India is finally taking place at Pune. Hundreds of people are expected to join the March from all over the country as well as some from overseas.

Among other forms of advocacy at individual and collective levels, a march is significant since it is a show of strength and solidarity. The Animal Liberation March India is not a protest march. It is a peaceful march because when the goal is peace, the methods employed must be peaceful too.

The focus of this year’s March is on farmed animals, especially those raised, tortured and slaughtered for the food industry. 70 billion land animals and trillions of marine animals suffer every year worldwide. With an ever increasing production and consumption of flesh, eggs and dairy milk in India, our country is no longer a land of ahimsa as it once used to be.

The March is an effort to bring attention to the magnitude and intensity of unnecessary pain that we cause to other animals. The impact of animal agriculture on the environment and our consumption of animal based products on our health add to the reasons for us to quit putting dead animals and their excretions and secretions on our plates.

While we wish for all animals to be liberated from human exploitation, our forks and knives must first cease to be weapons of mass abuse.