Animal Liberation March India 2019

Last Sunday, over two hundred Animal Liberation activists from different parts of India and other countries descended upon Pune.

The march that took place on that day was the biggest ever march for Animal Liberation in India. As much as I personally wanted to be there at this historical moment, I took it upon myself that if a reference is made to the diversity in participation, it could easily be said that there were activists right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and foreign lands, of course.

The passion, the spirit and the hope was absolutely overwhelming. The entire event was meticulously planned and executed. The team effort by grassroots activists paid off. The event got wide media coverage. And now, social media channels are flooded with images and videos for activists to share and for the world to see.

En route to the March, I encountered a small but very significant change in how veganism in diet is catching up. A famous international coffee chain had widely displayed the availability of soy and almond milk as a choice for all its beverages. I was told that the response has been very positive. I was quick to post a picture on social media with a caption – Times are changing! Good times are here! If you do not change with time, time will change you!

Animal Liberation is a social justice movement whose time has come. The ALMI 2019 was one such show of strength, solidarity and its reality.