Amit vows for special care of mentally sick patients in Psychiatry Hospital

JAMMU, MAR 14: Amit Sharma, Administrator Government Medical College and Associated Hospitals Jammu today conducted a surprise round of Government Psychiatry Hospital wherein he visited all the wards and floors of the hospital especially the section at the top floor of the hospital which has been prepared as Quarantine Wards for patients/public exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 Virus as a part of Government preparedness to keep them in future. He was accompanied by the senior most faculty and acting HoD Dr Manu Arora and Para-Medical staff.
Amit Sharma took a round of different blocks of Psychiatry Hospital including Administrative block, OPD block, General Wards, Stores, De-Addiction Wards and the Quarantine Wards, which have been established at top floor of the Hospital. Administrator was very particular in checking the level of preparedness to keep patients under quarantine here where two wards with a total of 28 beds have been prepared for keeping such patients/people, who can possibly get affected with COVID-19 in future.
Administrator Amit Sharma vowed that doctors and para-medical staff working in Psychiatry Hospital should take special care and caution while handling mentally-sick patients here especially in the present times when pandemics like COVID-19 Corona Virus was a looming threat and these patients could not visualize or assess this ensuing health challenge due to their challenged mental health conditions.
Amit also directed the concerned medical staff to take full precautions and scrutinize their attendants as it could directly result in the spread of infection amongst the patients here if anyone amongst them was carrying it or had a medical history of same.
Apart from this, Administrator Sharma checked the security deployment and related arrangements for such patients, attendance registers and presence of staff, preparedness to treat the patients, hygiene conditions, cleanliness and overall work culture inside the Psychiatry Hospital and told all of them to work with total zeal and enthusiasm especially in this situation of crisis due to pandemic of COVID-19 Corona Virus.