Air Brushed and Silicone Make-up

Shahnaz Husain

 Shahnaz Husain                                                                                                           A salon make-over for brides is the order of the day. Most salons offer bridal and pre-bridal packages, with top-to-toe grooming, including make-up. The kind of make-up the bride opts for depends on what will suit her. There are different kinds of make-up nowadays, like High Definition make-up, Air brushed make-up, Soft make-up and Silicone make-up. “High definition” make-up, for instance, allows the make-up to look flawless, especially in photographs and close-ups. Since photographs and videos are so much a part of weddings today, many go for High Definition make-up. It is rich in colours and suits a variety of skin tones. Others may go for the Soft make-up look, which is basically a natural make-up look, with a naturally flawless and non-shiny skin texture and natural colours.

“Air Brushed” Make-up is sprayed on, rather than applied with sponges and brushes. It is said to be faster to apply and easier to remove. It is also considered to be more suitable for oily skin, while high definition is said to suit all skin types. Many prefer Air Brushed make-up, as it lasts for a longer time. It is also said to be very light and the foundation is in a liquid form. It is applied with a spray on the face. A fine mist of the foundation forms on the face, hiding several blemishes and making the skin look smooth and flawless. In fact, the Air brush method is also used to apply various make-up items, like eye shadow, blusher, lip colour and even eyebrows. It provides a natural finish. However, many people feel that the make-up has a mask-like artificial effect and does not look natural. But, it actually requires a well trained Air Brush make-up artist.

The silicone make-up is a new method. It is applied with the help of a silicone make-up sponge. It can be applied very fast and silicone is completely transparent in its effect. It forms a fine layer on the skin. The silicone used in cosmetics is of a particular grade and is called cosmetic grade silicone. They are derived from silica. The advantage with silicone cosmetics is that they form a protective barrier between the skin and the air and yet, this barrier allows the skin to “breathe.” They mix well with active ingredients. It is basically a carrier of the active ingredients in the cosmetic product and yet, it does not absorb the other ingredients. The advantage is that silicone make-up products are water proof. They also prevent the skin from losing moisture.

The difference between Air Brush and Silicone make-up is that Air brush is in a liquid form and is sprayed on, while Silicone make-up may be in the form of a cream and in other forms. It is applied with a rounded silicone sponge. However, the sponge does not absorb the cream. Applying Silicone foundation may feel like applying a primer. Apart from make-up, serums may also contain silicone.