AI Helps Online Gambling Operators Answer the Demand for Fast and Secure Withdrawals

AI Helps Online Gambling Operators Answer the Demand for Fast and Secure Withdrawals


Artificial Intelligence Raises Security and Speed for Real Money Gamers

The multifaceted technological advances of recent years have brought one particular tool that has proven exceptionally advantageous for real money gaming platforms and players alike, and that is Artificial Intelligence or simply AI. Online casinos and sports betting platforms rely on fast and secure digital payment solutions, and that is exactly what algorithms based on AI are able to help with.

The growing number of people around the world and in India in particular playing with real money on online cricket betting, sportsbook and casino gaming websites through smartphones and computers has raised the importance of deposit and withdrawal security and personal and financial data privacy.

Prominent gambling and betting platforms are already using advanced AI technology to process deposit and withdrawal transactions in order to enhance cybersecurity, protect sensitive data and guarantee a safe iGaming experience to their customers.

SSL encryption algorithms are an exemplary use case of AI employed to safeguard digital payment processing for gambling platforms by protecting against fraudsters and hackers and keeping sensitive data away from the reach of any third parties.

In this way, the modern cyber security technologies and AI wielded by reputable online gaming platforms make gamblers and bettors feel confident that their banking and credit card information will not be leaked out and their finances will stay safe from harm.

Primary Research Shows the Demand for Fast Withdrawals is Strong in India

The strong market demand in India for fast withdrawal options from online gambling and betting platforms is described in a recently published research paper based on primary data analysis. The report is titled “Payment Methods Driving forward Online Gaming” and is authored by Esse N Videri Media (ENV Media), a real money gaming market expertise company.

Searches for instant or fast withdrawal betting sites India and related queries clearly dominate consumer interests, as shown by breakdowns of proprietary Google Analytics data provided by online betting review platform Bet India on organic acquisition traffic generated by 127,723 users between April 2021 and April 2022.

“Over nearly 100 thousand impressions (98,483 to be precise), we see that the top queries are all linked to speed (and related ease) of withdrawal. In the top 20 performing queries, we see users searching for terms like fastest, instant, quick, as well as minimum, easy and best,” the analysts at ENV observe.

The chart of top performing queries is led by “best betting sites in India with instant withdrawal” accounting for 21.86 percent of the total clicks registered and 7.70 percent of all impressions. The second position is taken by “instant withdrawal betting sites” with 11.67 percent of the clicks and 3.48 percent of the impressions.

At the same time, Bet India’s withdrawal page displays the strongest performance stats on the platform after the home page and one branded page having been visited by 12,997 users and boasting the highest conversion rate of 18.83 percent.

This page, combined with the Paytm-dedicated withdrawals page with its 3,295 users and second best conversion rate of 17.38 percent, outperform all other sections of the portal.

The ENV analysts also point out that “Similar traffic patterns have been reported by leading casino comparison websites Guide2Gambling and SevenJackpots.”

Benefits of AI Go Beyond Processing Digital Payments

The benefits brought by advanced AI technology to the world of online gambling and betting go well beyond fast and secure processing of digital depositing and withdrawing of real money. The most advantageous aspects of applying Artificial Intelligence solutions in iGaming other than speeding up and safeguarding payments is helping personalise gamer experience and root out fraudsters and cheaters.

AI tools are employed by online gaming platforms to monitor customer behaviour in terms of game preferences, betting patterns, frequency of visits, time spent, and other such aspects. The analysis of this information enables websites to provide customised offers and user experience to gamers when they log into their accounts.

Another use case of AI-based behaviour monitoring algorithms is the detection of suspicious activity patterns and spotting out cheaters and fraudsters whose membership can then be suspended. There is a drawback, however, as unfair players are sometimes also able to use AI to avoid the anti-cheat systems of an online casino.