Actor Sanjay Mishra raises questions on proposed Noida Film City

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is striving for his dream project Noida Film City that is getting the support of many Bollywood stars and filmmakers. However, a few like actor and comedian Sanjay Mishra are skeptical about the project. He recently asked that even if all the facilities for film shooting are provided in Noida, where will the movies be released. He has requested the state government to ponder over this issue and try to find a resolution for it.
Meanwhile, Sanjay appreciated that film and filmmaking is being encouraged in UP. He maintained that the Bhojpuri film industry’s directors have been shooting all over the place in Bihar and UP and now with Bollywood shifting to Noida, it will give ample scope to people. But at the same time, he explained the difference between the film city of Mumbai and the one upcoming in Noida. Mumbai is a hub of entertainment and the technicians along with other facilities are readily available there. He said finding the same amount and quality of facilities, as well as technicians in Noida, will take some time.
Recently, the actor was in UP’s Rampur district where he was invited to inaugurate a private hospital. He said it is very important to have more and more hospitals in the country as people are battling against Covid-19 and lakhs have succumbed to the virus.
When asked about the impact of coronavirus on the entertainment industry, Sanjay said it has led to huge losses to many producers as no movie is being released currently due to the lockdown imposed in several states.