Abolition of SRO-202 a historic decision: Ravinder Raina

J&K BJP president Ravinder Raina addressing media persons at party headquarter, Jammu on Tuesday.

JAMMU: Jammu & Kashmir BJP president Ravinder Raina termed the abolition of SRO-202 as a historic decision and said that this decision will end the woes of youngsters of Jammu & Kashmir.
Ravinder Raina accompanied by former Dy CM Kavinder Gupta was addressing media persons at party headquarter here.
BJP Programme Incharge Ajay Pargal, BJP Media Incharge Dr Pardeep Mahotra and BJP Executive committee Member Bharat Sharma were also present on the occasion.
Beneficiaries of “Abrogation of SRO-202 decision” also thanked and greeted Ravinder Raina on the occasion, for his continuous support on the issue. They said that they are thankful to the leadership of BJP, for that they never left them alone on the issue.
Ravinder Raina extended his greetings to all those who are serving in various departments of J&K under this SRO-202 as well as to every future young aspirant of government services. He said that with the decision for the abrogation of the SRO-202, the youngsters of J&K will be much relieved now, who were earlier feeling deprived due to the conditions put forth by the SRO.
Raina said that BJP always took strong stand for the youngsters of J&K who toiled hard for the removal of the SRO-202. He said that BJP for the welfare of the youngsters of the region took the matter to every possible stage of the highest order.
Ravinder Raina thanked Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Dr Jitendra Singh and other senior leaders for the tasking up and redressal of the issue and said that finally efforts yielded results and the Union Territory Government under the directions of Lieutenant Governor of J&K issued the order in favour of youngsters of J&K.
Raina said that under this notification, the government cleared that the fresh recruitment will not be made as per SRO-202 rules while for the existing appointments under this SRO, the probation period has been reduced from 5 years to 2 years now and we express our gratitude to the LG led administration for the same.
Ravinder Raina said that BJP has always taken pro-people stand in every matter raising voice for the issues of concerning community. He said that facing challenges from the front BJP has always succeeded in converting them into opportunities and that is the biggest virtue of party in gaining the trust of people. He insisted that in future as well BJP will never shy away from taking any issue on the front foot that causes any concern to the people.
Raina also said that BJP has earlier also kept its all promises just like removal of SRO-202. He said that with the abrogation of Article 370, the inhumane injustices done to the communities like WPRs, PoJK refuges, Gurkha, Gujjar-Bakkerwals etc are now undone. He said that quick and prompt action on the issue of requisite rules for the new Domicile Laws was done, keeping all the aspirations of the J&K residents.