Aadhar Centre Employees Meets Former Dy. CM, Kavinder Gupta


A delegation of Employees Working in Aadhar Enrollment Centres met Former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta. They expressed their anguish with the Government and submitted a memorandum for their demands. They said more than 1200 employees are working with the agency hired by UIDAI, which is a mixture of government officials and outsourced vendor employees working together on one of the cornerstone projects of modern India-the AADHAR system which aims to provide an authentication system for all residents of the country.

They said they had been working tirelessly from last 7 years with the outsourcing agency, after passing the test conducted by UIDAI. But now they have been shown doors by the government leaving the engaged employees jobless. They said many of the workers have crossed the age limit to be eligible for any job in state.

The delegation requested Kavinder Gupta to take up the matter with Honourable Governor so as to absorb the aggrieved employees in any of the Government department where their IT skills can be utilized with the job security.

Gupta gave a patient hearing to the grievances discussed in the meeting and assured the delegation members that the matter shall be discussed with S.P. Malik, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir and with Union Minister for IT, Ravi Shanker Prasad.

He also assured the members of the delegation that he will discuss the matter with other departments for the security of the job and utilisation of the services of the aggrieved employees.

Meanwhile, delegations of local residents of Trikuta Nagar, Nanak Nagar, Gandhi Nagar and Bhore Camp also met Gupta and thanked him for the works undertaken by various agencies and their areas. They put forth demand for the urgent execution of some remaining works related to Lanes and drains to which Gupta assured that all the pending works shall be taken up for the execution at the earliest.

He also assured the delegations that he is always available and his doors are open for the public for the solution of the problems faced from time to time. He said he has taken up many projects with the Government agencies and soon the approvals shall be accorded to the submitted projects. He stressed for the cooperation from the public to make Gandhi Nagar Constituency a model constituency.