A-Z Mother’s Day Facts

God can not be present everywhere so she created Mother. A mother is the divine, ultimate creation of God and is simply irreplaceable. It’s the love that knows no boundaries, a mother can go to any extent to protect her child from any hard situation. She can sacrifice anything for the sake of her child, even her life. Mother’s Day is tomorrow May 12, and it’s time to make your mom feel extra loved. 

From alphabet A to Z a lot can be defined about Mother’s Day. So, this Mother’s Day we present you the alphabet of eternal love, A-Z of Mother’s Day. 

A: The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

B: She has the most Beautiful Soul which can never be replaced.


C: In 1968 Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr., used Mother’s Day to host a march in support of underprivileged women and children.

D: Develops the strong bond of love.

E: In Ethiopia, where families gather each fall to sing songs and eat a large feast as part of Antrosht, a multi-day celebration honoring motherhood.

F: Ties the whole Family

G: In Germany, giving Mother’s Day cards is the most popular gesture on this day.

H: In the 1970s women’s groups also used the holiday as a time to highlight the need for equal rights and access to childcare.

I: Mom is the Biggest Inspiration.

J: In 1868 Jarvis organized “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” at which mothers gathered with former Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation.

K: Kyrgyzstan has recently introduced Mother’s Day.

M: Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of every May to honour motherhood.

N: In 2019, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that US consumers will spend $25 billion celebrating Mother’s Day.

O: A mother is very Open and Kind hearted person.

P: Mother a solution of every Problem.

Q: She is the queen of the family.

R: In 250 B.C. ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival called, Hilaria.

S: In Serbia, Mother’s Day is celebrated in December, along with Father’s Day and Children’s Day.

T: In Thailand, Mother’s Day is always celebrated in August on the birthday of the current queen, Sirikit.

U: I n the United States, Mother’s Day continues to be celebrated by presenting mothers and other women with gifts and flowers, and it has become one of the biggest holidays for consumer spending.

V: In some countries, the date adopted is one significant to the majority religion, such as Virgin Mary Day in Catholic countries.

W: Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution of Congress recommending the observance of Mother’s Day by executive branches of the government on May 9, 1914.

X: Mother is like the first beam of sunshine that kisses your face and make you day go happy.

Y: In what was formerly Yugoslavia, children would tie up their mother on Mother’s Day.

Z: Full with zeal and enthusiasm.

So this Mother’s Day, pour out your love for your mothers and let her know how much you love her. write a Mother’s Day poem, sing her a song, make her a card or just simply cook for her, but make the day count. Whatever you do your mom will always love that. She will always appreciate your effort you did for her to make her feel special.

This Mother’s day we thank all the mom’s in this world for making our life so beautiful. Word will never be enough to appreciate your love for us. THANKYOU MOMS! WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.