2 officials arrest in Islamabad: India summons Pakistan’s Charge d’affaires

New Delhi: India on Monday summoned Pakistan’s Charge d’affaires Syed Hyder Shah and issued a demarche on the reported arrest of two Indian High Commission officials in Islamabad, sources said.
In the demarche, it was specifically made clear to the Pakistani charge de affaires that there should be no interrogation or harassment of the Indian officials.
“The responsibility for the safety and security of the concerned diplomatic personnel lay squarely with the Pakistani authorities,” it added.
It also asked to return the two officials along with the official car to the High Commission immediately.
The Indian staffers, identified as a CISF security official and a driver, were arrested today, as per Pakistani media reports.
The incident comes days after two Pakistani officials at the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi were accused of espionage and deported.
The two officials, Abid Hussain and Muhammad Tahir, were caught by Delhi Police while they were obtaining sensitive documents.
The two expelled Pakistani officials worked with the visa section of the high commission in the national capital.
India had also expelled the driver of the expelled Pakistani operatives, Abid Hussain and Muhammad Tahir, as he was also involved in the spy ring.
Ever since India expelled the Pakistan operatives, Islamabad has registered strong protest and even summoned the Indian envoy to express dissatisfaction.
Recently, an Indian diplomat was also harassed in Pakistan by men associated with ISI.
The ISI men waited outside Indian Charge d’Affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia’s residence and then followed his cars, trying to intimidate him.