13 JAK Rifles to celebrate 200 yrs in Jammu on April 13

JAMMU: The 13 JAK Rifles (Bravest of the Brave), erstwhile J&K State Forces of Maharaja Gulab Singh, who had founded the Dogra Empire with this Regiment led by the world famous Gen Zorawar Singh, which was raised in 1820 is celebrating its Bicentenary (200 years) on April 13 this year at Jammu instead of Jabalpur. This was stated by Lt Gen YK Joshi, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Northern Command.
It will be an occasion of the Dogras of Jammu to honour their heroes and their families. All the veterans of the JAK Rifles fraternity, 31000 life members of the J&K Ex-Services League and the people of the Union Territory shall felicitate Lt Gen YK Joshi on his well earned rise to the coveted Command of the most prestigious Northern Army. Northern Command is in fact the inheritor of the exploits of the J&K State Forces of Maharaja Gulab Singh, who founded this unique Dogra Empire of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit, Baltistan and Tibet Ha in 1846 and protected it for 101 years and finally saved by Brig Rajinder Singh with his 100 Spartan Dogras from the British planned invasion by Pakistan Army of 6000 with Tribal face and acceded by Maharaja Hari Singh to the Indian Union.
It is a full circle of the Regiment which started from Jammu in 1820 and within 26 years created a unique State of multi languages, cultures, climate and terrain. It was only this Regiment of the Dogras, who extended the frontier of India across the Himalayas to provide strategic depth in the most inhospitable part of the empire touching China, Tibet, Russia, Afghanistan and now Pakistan where five empires meet.