11th June 2024 Daily Current Affairs

Today’s Current Affairs

National News

  1. Reasi Bus Terror Attack
    • The combing operation in Reasi district continues into its second day following the bus terror attack.
    • Over 20 individuals have been picked up for questioning as authorities intensify their search for suspects.
  2. India’s Economic Growth
    • Recent economic reports indicate a robust growth rate, with significant improvements in the manufacturing and services sectors.
    • The government’s new policies are credited for this positive upturn.
  3. Monsoon Season
    • The Indian Meteorological Department predicts an active monsoon season, with heavy rains expected across several states.
    • Preparations are underway to manage potential flooding and agricultural impacts.

International News

  1. Global Trade Summit
    • World leaders and business executives gather in Geneva to discuss strategies for sustainable trade practices and economic cooperation.
    • Key topics include climate change, the digital economy, and trade policies.
  2. Middle East Tensions
    • Renewed conflicts in the Middle East have led to increased international calls for peace and stability in the region.
    • Diplomatic efforts are being made to de-escalate the situation.


  1. Cricket World Cup
    • Recent matches have seen surprising upsets, with underdog teams defeating some tournament favorites.
    • Fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming fixtures.
  2. Olympics Preparations
    • Host cities are finalizing preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games.
    • Infrastructure and security measures are being reviewed to ensure a successful event.

Science and Technology

  1. Space Exploration
    • NASA announces the successful deployment of its latest satellite aimed at studying climate change.
    • The data collected will be crucial for global environmental monitoring.
  2. Tech Innovations
    • A major tech company unveils its latest advancements in artificial intelligence, promising to revolutionize various industries from healthcare to transportation.


  1. Pandemic Response
    • New vaccination campaigns are being launched in various countries to combat emerging variants of the virus.
    • Public health officials emphasize the importance of continued vigilance.
  2. Mental Health Awareness
    • Initiatives to promote mental health awareness are gaining momentum, with increased funding for support services and educational programs.