Yudhvir provides water cooler to Mahasha Community

JAMMU : Continuing his philan- thropic endeavours senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Vice President of the party, Yudhvir Sethi today handed over one water cooler to the President Mahasha Community on the eve of Diwali here today.
Addressing the gather- ing of the Community members after dedicating the public utility to them, Yudhvir Sethi said that the community members had approached him and con- veyed to him that there is a dire need for installation of at least one water cooler at Rehari Chungi and this requirement magnifies especially during the sum- mer season.
He said that in response to the problem highlighted by the President Mahasha Community before him he
immediately thought of addressing the issue. He said that it is a matter of great pleasure for him as with the installation of the water cooler at the site the concerned people have finally heaved a sigh of relief.
The senior BJP said that
though BJP Government stands committed and duty bound to provide basic facilities to each and every section of the society, yet the people having enough resources must resort to philanthropy and augment the Govt in providing essential services to the common people especially the needy ones.
He said that even in the small city of Jammu I have
seen many dynamic youth having limited resources have been involving in multiple philanthropic activities, be it marriage of girls belonging to poor families, blood donation, adopting poor children for their better education.
Lauding the philan- thropic initiatives of such youth, Sethi appealed to the people at large espe- cially the youth to be inspired by the aforesaid and make philanthropy an essential part of their rou- tine life style. He stressed upon the need for educat- ing the younger generation about the rich Indian val- ues and culture of which philanthropy is an insepa- rable component.
Meanwhile, President Mahasabha Community thanked Yudhvir Sethi for providing the much needed water cooler on Diwali. Dr Akshay Sharma Corporator and Dr Raman Sharma, Naveen Sharma and Puneet Chawla were also present.