Youth Empowerment in UT of J&K: Challenges and Possible Solutions


India is a young country and percentage of unemployed youth in UT of J&K is almost at the top of the table in the country. Its effects are quite visible in the society on account of financial, social and emotional account.

         Of late because of Covid 19, irregularities and bungling’s in the conduct of examinations conducted by JKSSB for the posts to be filled for government jobs has resulted to lot of unrest in the youth. Concept of fast-track recruitment process has also been derailed. Geographically also the UT of J&K is located at dead end of the country hence, viability of industries is also an issue of grave concern. Its economy is based upon agriculture and related activities. Proactive approach clubbed with scientific approach involving youth is required so as to match the production of agricultural produce with that of Israel. Brain drain of UT is also attributable to lack of opportunities and exposure.

       Few of the various challenges being faced by youth of UT of J&K are on account of rise of unemployment which has led to poverty. Low literacy rate, Growing budget on cost of Health care, skill development not being at par with the desired standards ,Demography dividend being underutilized, lack of scientific approach towards sports, unabated influence of Drugs, lack of exposure narrowing world view ,lack of exposure leading to caste rigidity are causes of discontentment of youth which is spoiling physical and mental health of youth also, many claims in the name of development are being made and lot of funds are also mentioned to be pumped in to UT for devilment work but UT is still enjoying the status of having second highest percentage of unemployed and eligible unmarried youth in the country.

Immediate measures are required to be taken to implement the ideas envisaged in Schemes like Atam Nirbhar Bharat and make in India so that youth get a chance to be adjusted. Magnitude and pace of skill devilment with assured carrier prospects may bring some respite to youth. Certain innovative steps are required to be taken to harness the natural resources which will boost the economy of the UT as well as employ the youth.

Ad hoc arrangements wherever made cannot pay required dividend on longer run, therefore, need to be avoided. Review of the development schemes launched at regular intervals and quality inputs will also help the development of society in real sense, Feedback from various levels across the society will depict clear picture of development at ground level.

                                                             Writer is a Retd. IRS Officer