Your Daily Horoscope

Aries-Mar 21 – Apr 20

Creativity and romance are the words for today, Aries. Artistic or other creative projects are likely to catch the attention of others, perhaps bringing valuable contacts your way. As a result, you’re likely to be inspired to move ahead to new ones. You’re also likely to feel especially romantic and sexy. If you’re currently involved, expect to grow closer to your partner. If you aren’t, you might meet someone special.


Taurus-Apr 21 – May 21

A group of people oriented toward artistic, spiritual, or humanitar- ian pursuits could meet virtually today to work on advancing their projects.
Among them could be someone very special who might play a positive role in your life. As a result of this gather- ing you could find inspiration to move ahead with personal projects. In the evening, watch a romantic movie or talk to someone you’re attracted to!

Gemini-May 22 – June 21

Errands or other short jour- neys in your neighborhood could result in a chance meeting with someone who could be of great ben- efit to you in the future, Gemini.
Opportunities to advance your edu- cational, artistic, or spiritual interests could open up as a result of this meeting. When you go out, make sure you look your best even if you’re only going to the grocery store.

Cancer-June 22 – July 22

Today you might hear of opportunities to make extra money through creative work of some kind, Cancer. This could be a genuine lucky break achieved by being in the right place at the right time. You will probably take advantage of it, because right now you’re full of inspiration. You might have a hard time keeping track of all your ideas. Write them down!

Leo-July 23 – Aug 23

Today you should be look- ing and feeling great. You might attract some admiring looks from passersby on the street. Sex and romance might be on your mind, Leo.
You’re likely to want to spend the day with your special someone. You could also channel those feelings into cre- ative activities of some kind.
Information may come your way that sets your mental juices flowing. Make the most of it!


Virgo-Aug 24 – Sept 22

Your mind is full of wonderful thoughts today, Virgo. You might con- sider spending the day meditating, doing some volunteer work, or turning your inspiration into an artistic project of some kind. Your intuition is especially high, so you might tune in more acutely than usual to the thoughts and feelings of others. Take a few minutes during the day to be alone with your thoughts. You will probably benefit from it.

Libra-Sept 23 – Oct 23

A desire to be creative could have you experimenting with various kinds of artistic disciplines, perhaps in connection with computers, Libra. At some point today you could be in the right place at the right time, receiving just the right help from someone who can point you in whatever direction you want to go. Ambitious plans could fill your head and keep your mind buzzing. Make a list! It might help.

Scorpio-Oct 24 – Nov 22

Artistic inspiration could come from deep within at some point today, perhaps even from a dream or vision. You’re likely to have a lot of energy to pour into creativity right now, Scorpio, and if you work hard and don’t lose sight of the busi- ness side of the arts, you could move forward. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly meet the right person to give you the right advice!

Sagittarius-Nov 23 – Dec 21

Today you might toy with the idea of publishing, exhibiting, or oth- erwise making public whatever cre- ative innovations you’ve been work- ing on, Sagittarius. Spiritual informa- tion could come your way from afar, perhaps through friends or a group with which you’re affiliated. Inspiration of all kinds could pop in and out of your head, so it might be best to write down your thoughts.

Capricorn-Dec 22 – Jan 20

Inspiration in various con- texts could fill your mind today, Capricorn. Opportunities to advance your artistic or spiritual interests could come your way, perhaps through advice given by a new acquaintance. You could also be in the right place at the right time to get a lucky break. You’re likely to feel especially roman- tic and sexy. You might want to cele- brate your good fortune by getting together with your partner.

Aquarius-Jan 21 – Feb 18

Social events with artistical- ly or spiritually inclined people could have you feeling especially inspired, Aquarius, and looking forward to the future in whatever discipline interests you. You’re also likely to be feeling especially romantic and sexy. You will want to schedule time alone with that special someone in your life. If you aren’t currently involved, you could meet someone special today.

Pisces-Feb 19 – Mar 20

Today you might feel inspired to help others less fortunate, Pisces. The opportunity to do some volunteer work could come your way, perhaps for a church, charity, or other humanitarian organization. Or you could throw yourself into an artistic discipline. Either way, you’re likely to enjoy yourself immensely and meet some interesting people in the process. Fundraising could be involved in some way.