Your Daily Horoscope

Aries-Mar 21 – Apr 20

You have a lot to offer, Aries. Everyone appreciates what you have to contribute. Yet you’ve been unable to give yourself credit for all that you’ve accomplished. It would be worthwhile to take some time to contemplate why this is so.
You have a strong need to be loved, but you must first love yourself. Your family and friends will support you, but first you must support yourself.

Taurus-Apr 21 – May 21

Whether you acknowledge it or not, there’s a child inside you who needs tending, Taurus. You’re proud of the person you’ve become – and well you should be. But you’re the product of who you once were. Today’s planetary positions suggest you acknowledge all parts of your past – the good and the bad. Only after you’ve integrated all the elements can you be the person you’re meant to be.

Gemini-May 22 – June 21

Think of today as a well- earned rest day, Gemini. You’re usual- ly the one people turn to when they need consolation. Today, in spite of the tension in the air, your words seem to have no effect. Let other peo- ple take care of themselves for a change. You can spend your time qui- etly reading a good book. It’s much more relaxing to get involved in drama that’s fictional rather than real.

Cancer-June 22 – July 22

Today take stock of all that’s occurring on the home front, Cancer. Think back over the last few months and you will see how much of your attention has been on work rather than loved ones. There’s probably some fallout as a result. Fortunately, a few days in close contact with family will put everything right. You can’t blame them for wanting to be with you. Try to indulge them.

Leo-July 23 – Aug 23

Think long and hard before making commitments, Leo. Much is at stake, especially where your love life is concerned. It’s likely that a pro- posal is coming your way. Do you know how you will answer? Events may have you feeling like you’re at a crossroads when actually you’re more on track than ever. The key lies in trusting your instincts and remain- ing true to your ideals.


Virgo-Aug 24 – Sept 22

You will be busy today, Virgo. Nevertheless, you still may end the day with your desk piled high with projects – not because you’re unpro- ductive, but rather because you’re popular and your work is valued. You may be wishing you weren’t quite so valuable! Don’t get stressed about all you have to do. No one expects you to get it all done immediately. Get some rest. Tomorrow is another day.

Libra-Sept 23 – Oct 23

You’ve been working exceptionally hard, Libra. Today is a good day to recharge your bat- teries. It seems everyone wants a piece of you. You may have reached the point where you have nothing left to give. It’s OK to say so. If possible, take the phone off the hook and reserve the day for yourself. Sleep in, meditate, go for a walk – you get the idea

Scorpio-Oct 24 – Nov 22

Today could be a turning point for you, Scorpio. Is it possible that you’ve finally learned how to say no? You’re the one everyone asks for help. You spend so much time on other people’s problems that you have little energy left for you. This situation ultimately helps no one. Put yourself first and there will be plenty of you left for others. If you’re depleted, everyone loses.

Sagittarius-Nov 23 – Dec 21

Today’s planetary positions urge you to assert yourself, Sagittarius, but take care not to take this encouragement too far. You have a tendency to go a bit overboard when making a point. There are times (and this is one) when subtlety is more powerful. Try being low key and open rather than uptight and defen- sive. You have a warm personality, so why not let others experience it?

Capricorn-Dec 22 – Jan 20

You have a strong creative component to your personality. You should use it more. Today’s plane- tary positions will influence both your creativity and productivity. You will likely find yourself working as never before, and with better results. Take advantage of this phase while it lasts! This is your moment to prove to others just what you’re capable of.

Aquarius-Jan 21 – Feb 18

You’re highly sensitive and highly intellectual, Aquarius. This is a wonderful combination and part of what makes you a superstar. Today’s planetary positions chal- lenge you to think how you can best combine these two key components of your personality. Have you con- sidered writing? It might provide the sort of balance you seek. Start writ- ing and see if it suits you.

Pisces-Feb 19 – Mar 20

You may be inclined to stay in bed today with the latest best seller, Pisces. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day this way? Alas, that isn’t going to happen. The planets are practically pulling the covers off you and pushing you out of bed. There’s work to be done! And more importantly, there are people you need to see right now. Put a book- mark in the book. It can wait.