Your Daily Horoscope

Aries-Mar 21 – Apr 20

This is a fantastic day for you, so celebrate. You’re the star of the show, and you’ll be up on stage more than usual. People will look up to you and respect you for your incredible leadership skills. Be confi- dent and express yourself from your heart. Actions should run smoothly.You can accomplish quite a bit. Don’t waste this day. Do some creative work.

Taurus-Apr 21 – May 21

Something may get your dan- der up today. There are hot tempers and strong opinions right and left. Try to see the big picture. You’ll seek extra attention from others, especially when it comes to your needs and emotions.People will be irritable, but arguing will only make the situation worse. Give everyone some time and you’ll find that many issues work themsel

Gemini-May 22 – June 21

Cooperate today even if it seems easier said than done. People will have hot tempers and be very focused on themselves. There’s a me-first attitude around, and relations will be much better if you let people have their time in the spotlight. You might find that you have an important message to express. Make sure your voice is heard.

Cancer-June 22 – July 22

People will be focused on themselves, leaving you won- dering what all the fuss is about. You have a strong desire to express your emotions. It may feel like you’re on stage in some way. You wish to be recognized and appreciated for your sensi- tive, devoted, and passionate nature. Speak up.

Leo-July 23 – Aug 23

The energy flows smoothly today. Obstacles seem to have dissolved. There’s a great deal of energy at your disposal. You have strong thoughts and powerful emotions backing you up. Work with partners and promote your ideas. Speak your passions out loud. Help your dreams manifest by writing them down.


Virgo-Aug 24 – Sept 22

There’s a spark about to ignite inside you. Pay close atten- tion to your emotions and take care of yourself physically, emo- tionally, and spiritually. Infuse your plans with passion. Breathe life into your dreams and act with con- fidence. The inner and outer aspects of your being are working in harmony.

Libra-Sept 23 – Oct 23

Your emotions are piqued today. You’re spurred to take action. People might have a me- first attitude that may get on your nerves. You’re more interested in the collective and improving the sit- uation for all. Someone may be working counter to this mode of action, causing friction in your dealings. Stick to your principles and act confidently.

Scorpio-Oct 24 – Nov 22

Get off the couch and get into action. Come out of hiding and let others hear what you have to say. Let your emotions shine and don’t be concerned about what others think. Dance like no one’s watching. Passion will be the key to manifesting your dreams. This is a great day to act bravely toward those dreams.

Sagittarius-Nov 23 – Dec 21

This is a fantastic day. Assert yourself with confidence and move toward your goals. Your emo- tions are working harmoniously with your outer-directed nature. You may want more attention from others today. Enjoy jovial times with friends and loved ones. Plan an activity with children if you can. Break free from your normal routine and create your own fun.

Capricorn-Dec 22 – Jan 20

People may seem a bit more stubborn and emotional than usual. Try not to contribute to it by being vain and stubborn. This isn’t the time to contemplate. It’s time to act. You have all the information you need. Make sure you’re actively get- ting the attention you deserve and you’re giving credit to the people who’ve helped you along the way.

Aquarius-Jan 21 – Feb 18

This is a very opportune day for you. Say hello to the stranger in line or follow through on a tip or comment.Opportunities are there. All you have to do is grab them. You’d do very well in a group situation today. In fact, you’d do well lead- ing others. You understand the need for action. Be decisive and confident.

Pisces-Feb 19 – Mar 20

People might step on your toes today, but try not to react. Go with the flow. This may be the only way they know how to act. Express your feelings. Open yourself up to the world. There are people who want to get closer to you, but they might feel too intimidated to do so. Take it one step at a time, but real- ize that you’re probably the one who needs to take the first step.