Your Daily Horoscope

Aries-Mar 21 – Apr 20

Friends or a group could bring new and exciting information your way, perhaps involving career or educational opportunities. You might explore combining artistic tal- ents with modern technology.
Invitations to related social events could follow. Accept as many as you can, Aries. They could make a dif- ference in your personal, profes- sional, and creative lives.

Taurus-Apr 21 – May 21

Today you could decide to host a virtual party or small meeting in your home. You miss having a lot of visitors. This should be an exciting occasion, Taurus, and you could go out of your way to make this the best small event possible. It will probably be worth it. This event could bring people and information your way that make a big difference to you.

Gemini-May 22 – June 21

Vast amounts of information could come to you through email or phone. Expect to hear from groups.
You could make new friends, Gemini, possibly in your neighbor- hood, as changes could be taking place in your community. You could hear of online classes you want to take. Books or magazines may bring valuable information. This could be a very stimulating and significant day.

Cancer-June 22 – July 22

Have you been thinking about expanding your computer skills? If so, this is the day to do it.
You’re likely to discover a lot of valuable information, as well as shortcuts for accomplishing your goals. Happiness reigns in the home as family members exchange a lot of new and interesting ideas.
This could be a very gratifying day in a lot of ways, Cancer.

Leo-July 23 – Aug 23

Social events, possibly involving small groups, could put you in touch with knowledgeable people who could provide valuable information. You might decide to go back to school or otherwise advance your education. Technology could play a large part in all this, Leo, so it might be a good idea to work on your computer skills and bring them up to snuff. A short trip could be in the offing.


Virgo-Aug 24 – Sept 22

Today your mind might be on social and political issues. If you aren’t currently involved with groups dealing with these issues, you might consider joining one. A recent increase in income might have given you some extra time, and you may be excited about the possibilities. Service to oth- ers is one, Virgo. Consider some oth- ers, perhaps developing a creative skill, before moving ahead.

Libra-Sept 23 – Oct 23

Information could come your way today that starts you thinking about new and revolutionary ideas.
Perhaps they involve modern technolo- gy or social and political issues.
Opportunities to meet new friends who share your interests could come through group activities. You should be feeling especially curious and opti- mistic about the future, Libra, and what- ever exchanges with others you have are likely to set your mind buzzing.

Scorpio-Oct 24 – Nov 22

Unusual and unexpected opportunities to better your career could come to you today through friends. These friends could provide you with valuable information about making maximum use of your skills, Scorpio. Efficiency could get a boost from technology. Expect a number of interesting communica- tions, all bringing good news.

Sagittarius-Nov 23 – Dec 21

The possibility of taking a trip by air could present itself today. The trip might be made with friends or a small group, if possible. If you’ve been working on projects connected with education or publishing, this is the day to move them forward. Books, TV, and the Internet could bring interesting, valuable informa- tion your way. This promises to be a busy, stimulating day.

Capricorn-Dec 22 – Jan 20

The possibility to advance your career through increasing your technological skills may present itself today. This could open doors for you in a lot of directions, paving the way for increased income. A number of new contacts could come into your life, bringing friendship and opportunities. This is the day to work on building your skills and possibly return to school.

Aquarius-Jan 21 – Feb 18

A number of social invita- tions could come your way today, possibly connected with groups you’re affiliated with. Accept as many as you can handle, Aquarius; you should have a wonderful time, learn much that fascinates you, and make some new friends. A surprise encounter with a friend or your romantic partner could bring you closer together.

Pisces-Feb 19 – Mar 20

The latest equipment might suddenly be available to you. It’s likely to make life easier and more interesting. It could also open doors to make new friends and find new opportunities. Increased income is also a possibility. You could stumble on some surprising information, Pisces, and this could set your mind going in a new direction. Today promises a lot of stimulation.