What Is The Unadulterated Truth About Kashmir Post Independence?


It is said the perception can change history. Of course, History can certainly not be changed but can and is open to distortion and perversion through perception management. We have seen this happening in our own lifetime. Today Muslims of Kashmir as a class are trolled and damned as terrorists, stone pelters and worst kind of communalists unwelcome as tenants, neighbors, tradesmen and even in institution of higher learning.

Numerous cases of assault upon them in public forthe mere sin of being Kashmiri Muslims have been reported. After Advisories from the Ministry of Home affairs failed to have any effect, the Prime Minister had to intervene and publically issue a stern warning to those spreading hate against, Kashmiris and subject them to unmerited violence.

The tragedy is that the vicious campaign is not confined to goons who indulge in abuses and violence. The atmosphere is also vitiated by some Ministers, MPS and MLAs who talk of Muslim MUKAT Bharat , GHAR WAPSI and insult and demean even historical monuments as if these carry a religious tag. What is the truth about Kashmir?

Kashmir proved an epitome of communal amity and religious harmony at a time when the entire Indian subcontinent was going through the worst kind of communal frenzy and rivers of blood were flowing across the length and breadth of the sub-continent. People of Kashmir stood solidly by their faith in Rishiyat- a version of Islam that incorporated its true spirit, values of humanism, defended their composite culture and inclusive traditions as propounded by Sheikh- ul- Islam Baba Noor Din Wali of Chrar-1-Shreif whom Hindus named Nund Reshi and LeL Ded affectingly called by Muslims as Lel Arifa.

They fought against the PAK army led ‘Jihadi’ tribal brutes shouting slogan ”Sher-Kashmir Ka Kaya Irshad –, Hindu , Muslim Sikh Itehad.”. Maqbool Sherwani and Master AbdulAziz were martyred while many workers of the National conference suffered torture and humiliation at the hands of intruders.

Muslims of Kashmir had rejected the pernicious Two Nation Theory of Jinnah and cast their lot with Nehru, Moulana Azad and Khan Abdu Guffar Khan leading the Indian National Congress long before the demand for creation of Pakistan received serious consideration.

When on a visit to Kashmir, Jinah tried to use his influence in favour of the communal and pro-Pak Muslim Conference led by Mir Waiz Mohd Yusuf. Sheikh Mohd Abdullah publically showed him the door. A humiliated Quid-1-Azim left Kashmir fretting and fuming vowing vengeance. Thus accession to secular , democratic India was thus the natural choice when the time of reckoning arrived. Sheikh Abdullah fully backed Maharajah Hari Singhs’ decision to accede to India. In fact, the scale on the issue of sending Indian troops to Kashmir was tilted in favour of the historical decision to do so by its forceful advocacy by the Sheikh.

If Sheikh Abdullah was instrumental in securing the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India, Bakshi Ghula Mohd consolidated the union in his ten year tenure of peace and prosperity. He crafted a powerful and influential middle class through his pro-people economic policy and promotion of education by making it free right up to postgraduate standard.

The upper and lower middle classes prospered in trade and commerce. Their children became Doctors and Engineers just for asking or even without asking. Many bright youngsters werepicked up by him at random when he smelled meritand deputed for higher education, which incidentally was financed by the state government.

Corruption in the field of higher education was unheard of. Those benefiting from benevolent and people friendly policies swore by their Indianationality. Pakistan was a dirty word. He was succeed by G .M. Sadiq, a left leaning politician of deep and abiding political conviction who believed in healthy and democratic system and functioning institutions. He viewed the constitutional.

Administrative and political issues from rationaland national standpoint and refused to be hampered by petty local prejudices and fear of criticism. He made history by pushing through the state legislatures “The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir (Sixth Amendment) Act 1965 ” changing both the nomenclature and mode of appointment of the Head of the state from an elected Sadar-!-Riyasat to Governor nominated by the President of India.

The Prime minister became the chief minister.Jurisdiction of the Central Election commission, CAG and the Supreme court were extended to the State. The first batch of direct recruits to All India Services was allotted to J&K in 1962. Number of laws passed by the parliament concerning welfare of the people were extended.

The jurisdictions of the Supreme court of India and CAG were also extended to Jammu & Kashmir. Thus were discarded symbols that were isolationist in nature.These measure empowered the people of the state to hold the rulers accountable for good governance, free and fair elections, proper utilization of public funds through audit by the best professional constitutional national authority and opened up the doors of the Supreme temple of justice, the watchdog of peoples rights under the Constitution.

It provided access to justice through resort to writ Petitions and avenues of appeal to those aggrieved by judgments passed by the J&K High court. There was no erosion of autonomy as alleged. The right of the J&K legislatures to approve or disapprove extension of Acts of Parliament uncovered by the subjects under its jurisdiction by the Instrument of accession.

People of the State welcomed these revolutionary measures this is the unadulterated truth about Kashmir. The history of Independent India and its integral part Jammu and Kashmir does not begin from December 1989. It is a sin to disregard the services of stalwarts who staked their every thing to make J&K constitutionally and effectively an integral part of India. Those who swear by complete integration of J&K with India but blindly put their thumb print on the political instrument of surrender in the name of Agenda of Alliance should turn their attention to the contribution of GM Sadiq in this regard.

We must ponder how come the people who fought for making Kashmir a part of India in 1947 fell victim to machinations of Pakistan which they had roundly rejected?. Who permitted the Salfi-Ahil-i-Hadees-ISI combine backed by the terrorist gun to compel the overwhelming majority of.”Etqadi”. Kashmiri Muslims to submit into silence and in many cases surrender? How much is the national leadership and political class to blame for this tragedy? Always remember that terrorism is a minority phenomenon that aims to bend the will of the majority through use of terror so as to achieve their political objective.

It becomes more lethal when driven by religious fanaticism and Jihadi . The tragedy is confounded by a self pro-claimed muscular but clueless governments. Who facilitated the conversion of People from die-hard nationalists for thirty years after independence to be tagged as anti-nationals for last about twenty eight years.?

It is in the above context that the political class, men in power, in opposition the Media especially the electronic media, and intellectuals need to revisit their attitude towards challenges in that troubled area, their past and present leadership and come up with a realistic, holistic, comprehensive political and governance response at the state and central level.


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