‘Welcome to Kashmir’ will act as ‘confidence booster’ for the state: Director Tariq Bhat’

'Welcome to Kashmir' will act as 'confidence booster' for the state: Director Tariq Bhat'

New Delhi, Bollywood filmmaker Tariq Bhat, whose new movie ‘Welcome To Kashmir’ has been released on Friday in Jammu, feels the film will act as a ‘confidence booster’ for the northernmost state.

“Welcome To Kashmir” is a story of a brave girl ‘Naina Kaul’ whose life is dedicated to women’s empowerment and fighting for their justice. The girl visits Kashmir and one of her psycho, drug addict social media follower ‘Zulfi’ kidnaps her. Zulfi is under the influence of a ‘fake baba’ who provokes him. But the gritty woman fights back.

In an interaction with UNI, Tariq talked about the movie, OTT release of the film, Kashmiri industry and a lot more.

On how the movie will help the Kashmiri industry to grow, Tariq said, “I think it’s like a confidence booster for the youth of Kashmir, because my entire cast is new. Those who are in the film they are doing acting for the first time. There is a high confidence level in every Kashmiri youth. They are thinking that ‘if they can do it, then we can also do it’. So, this is the USP of my film.”

It is the first ever Kashmiri-produced Bollywood film, which has already been released successfully in Inox Cinema Srinagar, and has received a great response in the Valley.

Talking about the release of the flick in J&K only, he said, “It was a professional decision because I am using the local Kashmiri cast in the film, and 90 percent of them are doing it for the first time. Let us see how the response comes from the audience, and then we will further release it in the rest of the country.”

On how he got the inspiration for the movie, Tariq said “Other filmmakers try to show Kashmir in ‘bad light’. But I have tried to show both sides of the state. Because I believe that If there is something bad, then there must be something good. I am showing the real Kashmir through my film. This was my inspiration.”

“After 370 abrogation, this is the first time that any Kashmiri is making a film for Bollywood. This, I think after 40 years, is a historic moment for Kashmiri cinema. This is why this film is special for me,” he further shared.

Tariq concluded that he wants to make a local film industry in Jammu & Kashmir, similar to other states.

The film stars Mateena Rajput as Naina, and Ahmad Shahab as Zulfi in the lead. Simran Ahuja, Hussein Khan, Mohini Agarwal, Kangana Rajput, among others are in the pivotal roles.