Weekly prediction 

Aries: An offer letter will prove beneficial to your career or studies. You will be emotionally content from  all angles.

Lucky colour: white, lucky number- 9

Taurus: Finally, life is giving you what you deserve. Frustrations have turned into prosperity. Keep moving.

Lucky colour: Yellow, lucky number- 7

Gemini: Things were indecisive due to lack of clarity. Professionally you are in a go.

Lucky colour: Blue, Lucky number: 9

Cancer: Marriage is on the cards. Hard work is required in small ways. New beginnings are on the horizon.

Lucky colour: White,, Lucky Number: 2

Leo: Delays are proving to be beneficial. Better late than never. Completion of projects with profits is on the cards. Health is perfect.

.Lucky colour: Red, lucky number: 3

Virgo: Worry is an illusion of fear. So is past. Experiences of past are not letting you move ahead in life. Take counsel. Lucky colour: White, Lucky number: 5

Libra: Confusions in the head are putting you down. Work orders will come from outside the city. You create your destiny with your thoughts.

Lucky Colour: Red, Lucky number: 1

Scorpio: Exhibitions will prove to be beneficial. It’s a good idea to write a book. Success in business and married life is on the cards.

Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 2

Sagittarius : A relationship has ended for good. Focus on building your career from

Where you left it. Forgiveness and compassion over everything else.

Lucky Colour- Yellow, Lucky Number- 1

Capricorn : Negativity of the past has resulted in stored anger. Marriage is on the cards.

Lucky Colour: Black, Lucky Number: 3

Aquarius: Be careful of commitments made. Being over trustworthy could cause you a downfall. You are refusing good advise.

Lucky Colour: Black, Lucky number: 0

Pisces: Spirituality can help you win over the current doom. Hard work is well paid. Lucky  Colour: Purple,

Lucky Number: 9

Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist

Access consciousness Healer