Weekly prediction

Aries: Today you will sign a big deal. It will add goodwill to your work. Good news from abroad is expected.

Lucky colour: Pink, lucky number- 5

Taurus: Just for today, don’t judge people and their actions. See them with the eyes of GOD. You will experience miracles today.

Lucky colour: Green, Lucky number- 2

Gemini: Early to sleep, early to rise, make you wise and bright. This idiom holds true for attracting prosperity in life.

Lucky colour: Red, Lucky number: 3

Cancer: You would meet your special one during a marriage ceremony of a friend or relative. It’s a good time for commitment.

Lucky colour: Yellow, Lucky Number: 1

Leo: Compassion brings joy to the heart. You will bring happiness into peoples lives which will enrich your life itself.

.Lucky colour: Black, lucky number: 6

Virgo: Your career is on the high. Even difficulties will give rise to great opportunities. You know how to convert stone to gold.

Lucky colour: White, Lucky number: 8

Libra: Be a champion who doesn’t do 100 things, but does one thing 100 times. Great efforts bring great results.

Lucky Colour: Yellow, Lucky number: 2

Scorpio: Divine blessings will raise your life condition. This will add more joy to your life. Unexpected money is expected this week.

Lucky Colour: blue, Lucky Number: 4

Sagittarius : Travel for work will prove to be beneficial. Health needs attention.

Lucky Colour- Grey, Lucky Number- 3

Capricorn: This week family gatherings will bring joy and happiness. Marriage or pregnancy is on the cards.

Lucky Colour: Purple, Lucky Number: 5

Aquarius: You will achieve great success at work or studies. Your efforts would be rewarded.

Lucky Colour: Grey, Lucky number: 7

Pisces: Take professional advise regarding money matters. Thing twice before making investments. Wisdom saves from big calamity.

Lucky  Colour: Pink.

Lucky Number: 9

Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist

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