Weekly prediction 

Aries: Travel related to work will fetch more income. Study further or attending workshops are on the cards to boost your professional life. Some of you may renovate your house. Delays will be beneficial.Lucky colour: Yellow, ,lucky number-8

Taurus:  All your dreams and plans will materialise. Your father or fatherly figure will help you. Any book or movie or project started will reach completion with success. You will be zapped of energy as you are trying to take burdens for a lot of people..Lucky colour: Red, Lucky number- 4

Gemini: All your plans related to travel is materialising this week. Except national order or tie ups. You will be over burdened with responsibilities.. Lucky colour: Blue Lucky number: 2

Cancer: Dealings with government authorities will be fruitful. You would be more disciplined in life. Travel overseas is predicted and all projects will be profitable. Travel for work will fetch more business Lucky colour: Black,  Lucky number :21

Leo: Good news regarding personal life is indicated. You will get a positive response from all arenas in life. A few friends or colleagues would dishearten you. Time to attend workshops and make new friends.: Lucky colour: Green,, lucky number: 8

Virgo: Your lucky stars are shining bright. All you wish for will come true, so be careful of what you wish for. Pregnancy or house renovation will be delayed and may be not possible. Keep faith..Lucky colour:White, Lucky number : 17

Libra: You may face politics at work where someone is trying to put you down. You will master this situation and gain wisdom from it. Time to start a new career, travel or maybe change your hair style..Lucky Colour: Yellow,, Lucky number: 7

Scorpio: Lucky You have faced a rough patch where all seem to have been lost. Don’t worry as good news is on the way and you will get the offer letter expected. You will enjoy a peaceful time. Colour: Green, Lucky  Number: 9

Sagittarius: A surgery is indicated. You will need to be more organised and disciplined in all areas of life. You will walk out of a relationship at will and enter into a new one..Lucky Colour: White, Lucky Number: 1

 Capricorn : You are facing money problems due to negative attitude towards work. Family life and business profitability will be at the peak. You will feel satisfied with how life is turning around.

Lucky Colour: Yellow: , Lucky Number: 5

Aquarius: :Health concerns are a passé now. Your new diet and regime has helped you a lot.be careful whom you trust with important decisions. Don’t put your money anywhere with blind faith. Mother or mother figure will be very nurturing towards you..Lucky Colour: Blue: ,Lucky number:7

Pisces:  You need to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. A sudden clash is only to get you out of old ideas and habits. You will be in dual minds about a professional or personal life. Lucky Colour:Purple,Lucky Number: 6

Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist

[email protected]