Weekly prediction 

Aries: Family and house renovations are on your mind. A hobby can turn into profession. Lucky days have started. . Lucky colour: Yellow,  lucky number- 1
Taurus:  Destiny is asking you to take a risk. Plunge in. Work frustrations may be mounting on your head. A new diet or exercise regime may work for you. .  Lucky colour: blue,   lucky number- 7
Gemini: Benefits are pouring from all areas of life. Self confidence is your beauty. A travel for work will prove beneficial…Lucky colour: purple, , Lucky number: 9
Cancer: Business is booming. Everyone is house is healthy and prosperous. The peaceful times have started. . Lucky colour: Red, , Lucky Number: 1
Leo: Financial differences may lead to fights at home. Delay renovation work. Delegate authority to ease your burdens.. Lucky colour: Red, lucky number: 3
Virgo: Its time to decide the destiny of your life. Things will suddenly crash to alter your ego. Health is good. Lucky colour: Black, Lucky number: 8
Libra: New car or house is on the cards. Balance of karmas will do well if you could get rid of all toxin relationships. Lucky Colour: White, ,  Lucky number: 8
Scorpio: You will keep your back guarded from politics. Confidence needs to be built. Happiness from children will glow you. Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 1
Sagittarius : Satisfaction is on the cards. Complete family satisfaction is achieved. Travel for work will bring prosperity. . Lucky Colour- Yellow,   Lucky Number- 9
Capricorn : New ideas are flaunting in your mind. Frustration has built up as you cannot see the end result. Travel will prove beneficial for the soul.
Lucky Colour: Yellow , Lucky Number: 7
Aquarius: Family love is on the cards. You are not willing to take advise. Hard work will bring good results. . Lucky Colour:Gold, Lucky number: 6
Pisces: There is confusion about the next course of action to be taken. Think out of the box. It will enhance vision and quality of life. Lucky  Colour: Green, , Lucky Number: 2
Geetika Gupta Mahajan,
Tarot card reader and Angel therapist