Aries: You have been facing monetary issues in the past. New partnerships are on the horizon. Life will balance out on its own.Lucky colour:  Red, lucky number- 6
Taurus: You are awaiting Work news from another city. Right now, you are not clear of the course of action. Confidence is lacking. Take 1 decision and go with the flow.Things will change at a speed.Lucky colour: Black,  lucky number- 2
Gemini: Your plans to settle abroad maybe disturbed for a while. Be patient. August will bring better news to you.Lucky colour:Green, Lucky number: 3
Cancer: Leisure travel is on the Cards. Marriage and business will be prosperous. You will get the desired good news in a weeks time…Lucky colour: Yellow, Lucky Number: 6
Leo: You will start a venture the traditional way and then bring about advancement in it. You are satisfied with what is going around you. Higher studies are favourable.Lucky colour: Yellow, lucky number: 5
Virgo:  Things May have suddenly crashed for you. A close associate may give you a hard time. No blind faiths. Your work will receive due recognition.Lucky colour: Red, Lucky number: 7
Libra: Travel for Work is favourable. A hobby can turn into a career. The offer letter you are awaiting will come soon. A bright career is ahead of you. Lucky Colour: Yellow,  Lucky number: 1
Scorpio: An authorities woman will work in your favour. Marriage and foreign trips are on the cards. Take counsel from a senior male member in the family. You will go miles ahead in life with it.Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 4
Sagittarius : You are in two minds about a decision in life. There maybe arguments with partner on the same. Life will be balanced in November..Lucky Colour- White, Lucky Number- 2
Capricorn : Your intuitions are guiding you in the right direction. You will seek an outlet from your frustration with the help of sound spiritual guidance. How does it get better than this?
Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 7
Aquarius: The past has been very demanding as people or offers promised to you have not been met. This is s time of transforming your lifestyle, diet or career. New changes is possible, especially a new house..Lucky Colour: Yellow,,Lucky number: 5
Pisces: You have been let down in the past. The only way to get to your desire is forgiveness and you will get more than what you want. Lucky  Colour: White, Lucky Number: 7
Geetika Gupta Mahajan,
Tarot card reader and Angel therapist