Weekly Horoscope

  1. Aries: Work is demanding pressure. Try to take breaks in between. This phase will pass.


  1. Taurus: Family harmony is the top priority. Be kind and compassionate. Things will work in your favour.


  1. Gemini: Creativity is at its peak. You will enjoy a good time with family. Send good thoughts.


  1. Cancer: Divine love is showered on you. See everyone through the eyes of God. Karmas are getting balanced.


  1. Leo: Roar at your problems as a tiger. The tigers roar has strength. Use mental strength to get things done.


  1. Virgo: Family life is a little rocky. You will get the best out of everyone if you don’t judge anyone. Be kind.


  1. Libra: You are getting the rewards of your hard work. Keep smiling and working towards your goal. It will pay off.


  1. Scorpio: Faith is indeed a saviour now. Be strong in your convictions and you will overcome turmoil times.


  1. Sagittarius: Surgeries if any, will prove to be successful. Spending time with family will be fun. Relax your mind.


  1. Capricorn: Foreign settlements is possible. Enjoy time with partner. Balance work and life.


  1. Aquarius: Life has a beautiful symphony. Flow with joy in it. Hard work always pays off.


  1. Pisces: It is the best time to end an old project and start a new one. A hobby could turn into business.


Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist