We have migrated from Kashmir and will never go back: Ashwani Bhat


JAMMU : Stating that we have migrated from Kashmir valley and will never return back there, Kashmiri Pandit Ashwani Bhat, brother of Puran Krishan Bhat who was killed down by militants on October 16 said, the claims of Shopian dis- trict administration that no migration has taken place is a white lie. “We are in Jammu not for picnic but to protect ourselves from undignified death in Kashmir”, Bhat said. “It is painful to learn that DC Shopian has said that no migration has taken place from village Choudharygund, but the reality is that 19
families (all KP families) from the village have migrated to Jammu since Oct 16,” Bhat told Greater Jammu.
To save his job DC Shopian is speaking a white lie, Bhat alleged.
Expressing resentment against District administration Shopian, Bhat said, “Shopian district administration has failed to protect us. “We as Kashmiri Pandits had never felt a threat there even in the peak of KPs exodus in 1990, but after the killing of Sunil Bhat which took place in my neighbouring village ‘Chatigam’, we are afraid of being killed.
Even Security forces appealed us to stay at home and we followed it. We also went to the SSP Shopian, Major Shab and DC Shopian to make a proper and robust arrangement of minorities’ security there.”
Majority of the people of my village
called on DC Shopian to request him to make proper arrangements for us, but unfor- tunate nobody helped us and took our requests causally. I have lost my brother who was killed at the door step of his house due to negligence of Shopian District Administration, Bhat stated. “After the death of my brother the District administration admitted that they have made a mistake. But it was too late,”
Bhat told.
While replying on the question of differ- ence between 1990 and 2022 circumstance, he said, “The Kashmiri Muslims of our vil- lagers are very nice and helpful to us. They are very caring, even in the most difficult period of Kashmir Pandits in 1990 they played an instrumental role to protect us and did not let to leave the village. In 2022, there is no change in their affection and care but they are feeling helpless.”
I have left my home, village and 200 kanals of land due to undignified death threat at Kashmir, Bhat told. He requested the Government to transfer him to Jammu, announce ex-gratia for Puran Krishan Bhat and free education for PK Bhat’s children.