Warm ties between JMC and traders is good for Jammu: CCI

JAMMU : Good relation- ship between Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and trader fra- ternity is a must for ensuring con- genial atmosphere and better- ment of society as whole in Jammu, said CCI president.
Arun Gupta, President CCI during an interaction with Mayor Rajinder Sharma and Dy. Mayor Baldev Singh Billioria at Chamber House stated that there are certain issues which need immediate attention of the JMC authorities. At present whole Jammu City is beautified by con- structing footpaths only due to which there is a heavy conges- tion thus creating lot of problems rather than providing any help or relief to the public, traders of those areas.
Gupta further stated that in the areas where footpaths are constructed actually there is need of plantation to make those areas more beautiful.
Arun gupta said that it was observed that during the JMC officials’ drive in the old city areas, they were in the practice of lifting the items of various traders, shopkeepers which one believe is not in good thing to do and when we look at the old cities of northern states there are no such drives by their respective
Municipal Corporations. We always believe and expect a con- ducive atmosphere for our traders to work, who are the backbone of our economy but these types of practices by the municipal corporation only dis- courages our traders.
Regarding Smart parking, Arun Gupta said that we don’t think that there is any need of providing such type of parking as on today nowhere in northern states such type of parking exists.
Arun also said it is imperative to mention that at present Dengu cases have spread all over Jammu and there is dire need to intensify fog drive to handle the current situation Mayor Rajinder Sharma while responding to the demand of the
CCI head, said that there is no valid reason for any kind of con- frontation between JMC and the business class as both are inter- dependent on each other to ensure good for Jammu and its people.
He said that JMC is looking forward to rope in business class for picking up the pace of devel- opment in the region through all kinds of help which the traders and industrialists can offer. He also said that we are on the job of making our corporation corrup- tion free and if anybody is found involved in such type of activities, his place is either in Jammu District Jail at Amphalla or in Kot Balwal Jail. He further said that we will honestly work with the active cooperation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Jammu.