The latest target killings at Dhangri in Rajouri, the first in Jammu Division after a series of target killings in the Valley need to be taken as wake up alarm at the very first instance as this incident brings to fore many underlying factors which need to be considered seriously by the security strategists in order to nip the evil in the bud in Jammu Division. It is a fact that the terrorists at the instance of their lords sitting across the border are already continuing the target killings in Kashmir that has resulted in the shifting of the minority community members mostly PM package employees, reserved category employees besides others leaving the Valley for Jammu and protesting there for their posting in Jammu Division. While it is an acknowledged fact that after abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution of India, Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed unprecedented development in every sector and is heading fast towards greater transformation as envisaged in Prime Ministers dream of Naya Jammu and Kashmir, at the same time the matter of serious concern confronting the Awaam (Common People) today is the ugly head of terrorism that has yet again sprouted to create an atmosphere of fear and chaos to derail the ongoing developmental process. Though killings were resorted to by the terrorists earlier too during the peak period of terrorism but now the terrorists and their lords from across the border have shifted to the strategy of target killings in Kashmir which are on the rise during the past some time and now getting extended to Jammu Division. Seemingly feeling choked due to deadly onslaught of the security forces on the terrorists it seems the terrorists now want to hit the headlines by striking in Jammu Division which had been quite peaceful now. In such a situation it is dire need of the hour to meticulously formulate a strategy to fail the new strategy adopted by the terrorists so that the menace of terrorism not only gets finally wiped off from the Valley at the earliest but it is instantly stopped from spreading its wings to Jammu Division. The situation demands that a fool proof strategy should be prepared by the Govt on priority to bring down the target killings to zero. It would not be out of context to mention here that the agenda of BJP announced before elections without any ambiguity vouched for eliminating the menace of terrorism from this region and in this direction the Central Govt continues to take all possible measures in neutralizing the terrorists by giving the security establishments free hand in operating against the merchants of death and those providing them shelter and logistics. However, it cannot be denied that despite all such measures taken up with strong determination, target killings are alarmingly on the rise in Kashmir and now moving ahead to Jammu Division. This under no circumstances can be taken lightly because these can have a direct impact on the very integrity of the nation. It is undoubtedly the responsibility of the Govt to provide safe and secure environment to every citizen especially the members of the minority community in J&K who are more vulnerable to such attacks. It is hoped that Prime Minister Modi led Union Govt comes out soon with a new policy to deal with the current situation especially in context of target killings. The policy should ensure most strict stance against the perpetrators of this heinous crime against humanity including fast trials and capital punishment besides initiating other augmentative measures to eliminate the whole terror infrastructure.  The Govt needs to realize that desired results can be achieved only when fool proof strategies framed are implemented proactively on ground in letter and spirit. So, taking Dhangri killings as a wake up alarm the Govt especially its security and intelligence establishments without any wastage of time must initiate action in consonance with the changed scenario before it is too late.