The two most significant issues faced by the human civ- ilization having full potential of annihilating the human- ity from the globe if not addressed in the earnest and with utmost precision, are Global Warming and Terrorism.
The Prime Minister Narender Modi deserves full apprecia- tion for highlighting these two issues at the global level with- out missing any opportunity. It is a matter of pride for India that PM’s efforts in this direction stand widely acknowledged by all the global leaders across the world. Even at home the PM has been repeatedly highlighting these issues to edu- cate the people in this regard. It needs to be realized that global warming and terrorism take us towards conflict and time has come to accept some values which would provide us solutions to these serious problems. Climate change is one of the most serious threats to the environment, health and economy of the nation as well as the whole world today.
Environmentalists are shouting unabated that the rising sea level is a matter of great concern being the immediate fall- out of the climate change that shall endanger the life across the globe. All the basic elements of life for people around the world, access to water, food production, health and the envi- ronment are at stake. The spate of coastal flooding in India and many other countries besides tsunamis and cyclones is already a warning signal for the whole world including India.
Similarly the giant menace of terrorism has engulfed or affected almost every part of the globe. The expansionist endeavours of the ISIS besides overt as well as covert sup- port to the terror organizations by some rogue nations is no secret any more. Terrorism as it exists across the globe today, in its literal sense absolutely wipes out the possibility of any positive effect and instead it has multiple devastating effects, which if left uncontrolled shall definitely lead to the extinction of mankind. Although there are multiple initiatives at the international level including the resolutions and decla- rations to address both these problems under the umbrella of UN during various international conferences, yet nothing commendable or fool proof seems to have been achieved till now. In such a dismal scenario Indian PM is raking up these issues at all the available national as well as global fora and this clearly speaks about his concern on this front. As such time has for the whole world including India to take PM Modi’s suggestions given time and again seriously. Indeed today there is a dire need for giving a modern outlook to the values and change the concept that our path is right alone.
There has to be a universal acceptance on both these issues. India can guide the world in this direction especially in view of the rich and precious values mentioned in Vedas, Upanishads and Shrutis and Smritis which could show the path with umpteen solutions to the world. So let every Indian join the initiative taken by the PM and show the path to whole world for overcoming the fall out of these two gigan- tic problems failing which there are apprehensions of multi- ple species including the human beings becoming extinct.