Unique fish captured in Dal Lake, surprises experts

Srinagar, A unique fish was captured in Kashmir’s famed Dal lake surprising several experts on Thursday.

Officials of the Lake Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA) during a routine deweeding captured a unique fish in Dal Lake .

Preliminary reports and observations suggest that it is a fish called “Alligator Gar”’, a predator fish found in North America areas.

The presence of this unique fish in the Dal Lake surprised everyone besides the experts.

“For the first time we have seen such a type of fish in Dal Lake and it is known as “Alligator Gar” found in the North American areas”, LCMA Research and Monitoring Incharge Masood Ahmad said.

The Fish is unique, resembles the crocodile and has never been seen before in the lake.

“We will analyze the species with the Fisheries department and department of Fisheries Sher-e-Kashmir Agriculture University to know what would be its effect on the other species of the Dal Lake”, he said and added “whatever the findings are would be shared with the public”.