In the currently prevailing scenario on can’t help but recall the precious words of Jesus Christ that “What shall it prof- it a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”
This expression vouches for credibility of a person to be based upon truth, honesty and sincerity. Unfortunately it is an irony that in today’s modern era societies and nations have made propaganda their hallmark instead of truth and losing the soul seems hardly making any difference to the stakeholders. Moreover it is quite astonishing that through propaganda such nations especially the communist coun- tries have been able to hold their sway. While truth is self explanatory and needs not to be defined, propaganda is what speakers can say or do to convince their hearers that they are telling the truth, are public-spirited, and so on. In fact propaganda has a well established history that can be traced back to various times and places of Christianity, Judaism, Mahabharata, Buddha, the ancestral Japanese Sun Goddess, Marxists namely Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, etc. It would not be out of context to make a mention of Greeks who analyzed the arts of legal sophistry and political demagoguery so much that their efforts were imitated and further developed in Rome by Cicero and Quintilian. Aristotle’s Rhetoric and similar works by others served as model texts for scholars and students across the globe. In this context it would be gross injustice not to make mention of India’s Kautilya who wrote the Artha-Shastra (“The Science of Material Gain”), a book of advice for rulers emphasizing upon the use of psychological warfare, both overt and clandestine, in efforts to disrupt an enemy’s army and capture his capital. Overtly, he said, the propagandists of a king should proclaim that he can do magic, that God and the wisest men are on his side, and that all who support his war aims will reap benefits. To a great extent this philos- ophy is being currently followed by countries like China and North Korea. An example of propaganda ruling the roost in the current scenario is that of the functioning of financial markets around the world. It is an acknowledged fact that many financial markets have brought agony and distress to millions of people who while investing are made to believe in the notion that it is different this time and soon they are going to make huge money. The fact remains that it is never different rather the intellectual cleverness of a few experts manages to convince the majority of investors to follow what seems to be financial reason and logic. Certainly, it is very hard for the average person to question folks who are well respected leaders in their field of expertise. So how can any- one determine what is truth and what is just propaganda dressed up by people with the mastery to induce people to follow their advice? Honestly speaking, this is a highly com- plex task and undoubtedly not possible for the common man to make out. Instead there is a need to transform the system itself. For this thinkers across the globe will have to take a fresh stand everywhere, regardless of political conse- quences, failing which in democracies where criticism is freely admitted, truth will continue to remain powerless against propaganda, the power of which has been immensely enhanced by new means in the current techno- logical era. Last but not the least there is a need for recon- ciliation of rival social doctrines, which alone can save the globe from destruction. This can be attained only through tolerance and the acceptance of truth and facts, no matter how unpalatable these may be to the prevalent theories. To conclude, it needs to be accepted that the old adage, ‘Truth Always Prevails’ seems to be leaving the space for new adage ‘Truth Must Prevail’.