TRF issues threat to 57 KP employees working in Valley


The 6000 Prime Minister package employees are on the hit list of militants with Lashkar e-Toiba affiliate terror group The Resistance Force (TRF) operating in Kashmir which has issued an open threat to Kashmiri Hindus appointed under package.

The TRF has issued threat letter to 57 PM Package employees of Education Department from Srinagar district.

The threat letter has generated a fear psychosis among the package employees in particular and Kashmiri Hindus in general and they have sought a probe into the matter as to how the names of the information of the employees working under PM package in Education Department with their names and place of posting was leaked to a hardcore militant outfit.

Smelling a rat, the Kashmiri Pandits said that it is matter of grave concern that how official documents reached to militant organization who issued a warning letter to the employees.

They said the TRF has made those Hindu employees their target who have been provided accommodation in Valley and it circulated the names of 57 package employees. They said that the employees who have been provided accommodation under PM package are their target. It is totally shocking that the names of the employees have been leaked to the militant outfit and there is every apprehension that insiders in the department are in league with the militant groups who have leaked information to them.

The KP organizations while terming it a serious matter in view of killing of about 24 Kashmiri and non Kashmiri Hindus by militants in the Valley during last one year said that attacks on Kashmiri Hindus still continue and they are on the radar of militant groups active in Valley.

They said there is no let up in militant activities by Pakistan in Kashmir as this community has suffered a lot because they are with idea of India and so they are being targeted.

The community has been persecuted and they faced holocaust. The document was with Education Department and how the Department has leaked it to militants.

“We demand a high level inquiry that how the names of employees were leaked to militant outfit”, said a Kashmiri Pandit socio- political activist. The people responsible for leaking the information be dealt under law and charged for treason, he added.

He said the demand of package employees that they be shifted to safer places has been vindicated with this threat letter which indicates that Pandits are not safe in Kashmir under prevailing circumstances. Moreover, the Government must relook its Kashmir policy regarding weeding out of terrorism and rehabilitation of displaced Hindus.

He said the Pandits are sandwiched between official apathy and militant threats. “It is an eye opener for those officers who have kept the salaries of package employees withheld for over three months now and have forced them to resume their duties to become a cannon fodder for militants,” he added.

“This shows that the administration is totally not bothered for safety and security of Kashmiri Hindus and they are leaving these employees at the mercy of gun wielding militants”, he said.

However, the UT administration has taken the serious exception to the threat letter and, as per sources the police is investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, the BJP demanded a probe into the leak of a list which was circulated on social media after being published by a blog linked to a militant outfit.

BJP spokesman Altaf Thakur expressed concern over the blog linked to TRF.

Thakur requested the police to probe how the list was leaked and asked the administration to ensure safety and security of the Kashmiri Pandit employees in Kashmir.

He said it was surprising to see the fresh list being leaked and reaching TRF’s blog Kashmir Fight.

“This is a security breach as militants have clear idea who is posted where,” he said.

Thakur said that Government must take strong note of it and find out who has leaked the list at a time when targeted killings are taking place in the valley.

A fresh list of Kashmiri Pandit employees was being circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms with a warning from TRF to non-locals and Kashmiri Pandit employees.

Panun Kashmir (PK) chairman, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, KP Sabha president, K K Khosa, Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC) president, Kundan Kashmiri, All India Migrant Camp Coordination Committee (AIMCCC) president Desh Rattan and other KP leaders have shown their grave concern over the threat letter and urged the Government to ensure the safety of package employees and accept their demand of relocation till situation becomes conducive in the Valley.