Tourist infusion, enforced return of Hindu employees to Kashmir will not create normalcy: Panun Kashmir

Jammu,  Condemning Poonch terrorist attack in which five Army soldiers attained martyrdom, Panun Kashmir—the organisation fighting for the rights of Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus, on Tuesday alleged that to hold the view that tourist infusion into Kashmir based on ‘Normalcy disinformation’ and enforced return of Hindu employees who had run away from Kashmir after facing selective genocidal killings through the threat of severing of their livelihoods will not create Normalcy.

“Only defeating genocidal Jihadi war will bring normalcy,” Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir flanked by senior members of the organisation here told reporters at a press conference.

He said, “eagerly awaiting a decisive retaliatory response from Government of India to recognise that its perceptions about fast unfolding normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir are not more than delusions driven by political expediency.”

“Panun Kashmir wants the Jammu and Kashmir Government and the Government of India to recognise the internal failures in J&K with regard to handling of security affairs at the level of security establishment and the top political leadership at the helm,” said Dr Chrungoo.

He said that there is an imperative necessity to publicly accept that terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir is not only a result of Pakistan’s role but also due to subversive entrenchment of Jihadi forces inside. All trouble is not coming from outside.

“Normalcy delusions have hoodwinked governmental wisdom and sanity. It has created compulsions for the government not to accept reality, remain anesthetized to subversive mechanitions inside and indulge in acts of self-disinformation,” the Panun leader said adding that the process of accountability has become a causality in this environment of pervasive falsehood.

If bomb blasts are projected as incidents of bursting of gas cylinders, mere chemical reactions of substances like urea or short circuit mishaps of electric transformers, a vicious process of putting wool over open eyes is on, adding he said, “How many times have we seen IEDs discovered accidentally in public places and people out of luck getting spared of ghastly human tragedy in case the devices had exploded.”

“We want to ask GoI, are the jungles of Rajouri-Poonch area adjacent to Pakistan actually in our control? How could terrorists inflict heavy casualties on our security forces since October 2021 in this area again and again?,” he questioned

He further asked that is GoI aware about the intense radicalisation inside Rajouri-Poonch? What is GoI’s assessment of security implications of opening of Mughal road and creating a legislative corridor between parts of South Kashmir and this area?

In our view the parameters that made amply clear that how much abnormal has been the situation on the ground in Jammu and Kashmir during BJPs rule are two religious cleansing campaigns of Hindus have been successfully accomplished by Jihadi separatists, BJP governments have responded only by hostaging them back to Genocidal order and in Rajouri-Poonch terrorists have regularly inflicted disproportionately heavy casualties on security forces without paying a price for many years now.”

“Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as the second largest hub of narcotics leaving behind Punjab. And everybody knows narcotics and Islamic terrorism are two sides of the same coin. These realities are the best indicators to determine whether terrorism is growing in J&K or is getting almost finished as we are being prodded to accept every now and then,” he stated.

“We appeal to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to abandon the approach of denial and recognise the grim realities on ground,” said the Panun leaders.