Tourism stakeholders hope G20 event in Kashmir will help lift travel advisories by US, Europe


Tourism stakeholders in the Valley are hopeful that the upcoming G20 working group meeting in Srinagar will pave the way for lifting of Jammu and Kashmir-specific travel advisories by the European Union countries and the US, which can give a massive boost to the tourism sector.

A significant number of foreign tourists — even from the countries which have negative travel advisories in place — are visiting Kashmir and they feel the place is absolutely safe.

“As a tourism stakeholder, I welcome the G20 event. There are advisories in place from various countries across the globe, which unfortunately have been in place since the 1990s. There has been a great transformation as far as the overall situation in Kashmir is concerned. It’s very peaceful now and there have been certain instances where European countries have been discussing lifting these travel advisories,” Syed Abid Rashid, Tourism Secretary to Jammu and Kashmir government, told.