The New Year is a perfect time to make a change for the better thus maintaining the tradition of making new resolutions for the said year. This tradition which earlier used to be in vogue in the western hemisphere has now become part and parcel of the societies in the eastern hemisphere too. As per the tradition people generally make commitments to change the unwanted habits or behaviour or setting some personal objectives. In simple words, a New Year’s resolution or a New Year’s goal is a promise one makes to oneself at the start of the New Year to bring positive changes or live a dynamic life. As per the history of New Year resolutions, in Ancient Rome, people made promises to the Gods to pay the debts in Janus, from where the month of January gets its name. Since Ancient Rome, the popularity of New Year’s resolutions geared up with the passage of time till date. Typical New Year’s resolutions might be to give up smoking, eating healthier food, doing more exercise or becoming more organised. In fact, a New Year’s resolution can be almost anything. However, the best thing is to be realistic about the objectives to be set in the New Year’s resolution which helps in achieving success. The resolution holds special significance for the students as they are the future citizens of the nation and almost every student sets resolutions for the New Year. Students especially set their objectives regarding their studies and to brighten their future. A good student always learns lessons from the mistakes committed in the present or past year and on the eve of New Year pledges to rectify all mistakes committed in the ocean of other activities. It is a fact that students often procrastinate studies and use time carelessly besides indulging in the wanton activities which adversely affect their studies. Therefore it is in the best interest of the students that they set their respective targets every year and try hard to reap the desired results as per their set targets. Every student must dream to do something productive because dreaming and materializing dreams is the key to success. However these resolutions would be meaningless unless the students stick to their resolutions and make sure that they change themselves for better transformation in order to achieve unprecedented success during the new year and thereafter. One thing that should be made an inseparable part of the New Year resolution by the students is to remain determined to be more systematic and organized in pursuing their routine activities be it studies or other activities. So, amidst celebrations across the world, with spectacular fireworks displays, taking place around the globe and people in India especially excited to embrace 2023 sans restrictions after subdued celebrations with Covid-19 rules let all the students after preparing their New Year resolutions take the pledge to stick to the same in the direction of correcting their personalities to become better scholars for themselves, their families and the society at large. After all the idea behind a New Year resolution for students is simply to commit to purify the thoughts, inculcate good habits, and try something new to upgrade their personalities.