Coming from a transport business based background , Jagjeet Singh Rissam, a new name on the Bollywood horizons have made an impressive entry into the film- dom with his new production , ” Era of 1990″ slated to be released pan-India on March 3.
His own Production House entitled H.S. Rissam Productions has come up with this Bollywood Movie which has some of the Bollywood celebrities along with the local talent of Jammu and Kashmir executing different roles.
Before jumping into films production, Jagjeet Singh Rissam had already made an indelible mark in the fashion and glamour world by listing his supremacy in the field and win- ning various trophies in Mr Categories on different podium.
An ardent theatre doer, Jagjeet had earlier done some of the theatre plays too and has established himself as an actor of substance.
In ” Era of 1990″ , besides producing the mega film , Jagjeet has also acted for an important role in the film , his one of the dialogues already having become the insignia of the film. ” Meri Pagdi Mujhe Jhukana Nahi Sakti’- is the punch line of Jagjeet who acts as a Sikh character in the film which is likely to be cherished by the audience .
Presently having produced two major Bollywood projects, both slated for pan-India release in March and April, Jagjeet started his journey with modeling.
He has also earlier acted in many films for the OTT plat- forms like, Netflix, Star Gold etc that include Killer , Side A- Side B, Mantostan that have received larger viewership across.
For Jagjeet’s upcoming efforts , the guy is all set to roll out exciting Bollywood projects in near future and the best part to it is that in his projects along with Bollywood celebrities , local Jammu actors always remain important in var- ious roles. Under H.S. Rissam Productions, after “The Era of 1990”,his second production “B-Town” is lined up for release which is likely to be a thriller seldom produced on Indian celluloid.