With Christmas is being celebrated across the globe today bringing all the merri- ment, joy, gaiety and festivity, it is high time to reiterate our commitment to Austerity which by any yardstick is one of the greatest virtues of a human being. Festivals hold special significance for Indians as the nation has a multi- religious composition and every festival finds par- ticipation of people belonging to all communities irrespective of their religious or other affiliations, thus upholding the ages old secular ethos of this region. Most of the religious festivals are observed and celebrated with the salutations to the founders and propagators of respective reli- gions who have first and foremost stood for human values and universal brotherhood and amity. On such occasions people give charity to the poor and remember birth and virtues of the religious founders. Every religion is wedded to the Absolute Truth and surrender to the Almighty.
Christianity teaches us to be always ready for the supreme sacrifice in the larger interest of human- ity. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December to mark the birthday of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian faith and on this day people remember the virtues and sacrifice of Christ.
However, Christmas festival celebrations across the globe over the years, has evolved as one of the largest global festivals. The month of December is nowadays considered as the great season of goodwill and special merriment every- where. It is an occasion for happy family gather- ings, rejoicing and festivities. Besides, being the time of family reunion Christmas has today become a special festival for children. Showing their devotion in singing Christmas carols in memory of Christ’s birth, they are quite eager to receive presents with Santa Claus or Father Christmas visiting as the friend and protector of Children. With the global scenario across the world being quite dismal especially in some nations being afflicted with the menace of non- violence either by the terrorist organizations or even by certain rogue states, besides the new wave of COVID knocking the doors now, there is a dire need to realize the real meaning and essence of the festivals including Christmas. The essence of Christmas lies in cleansing the mind, purifying the heart besides guiding us to follow the path of love, peace and mercy. It teaches us a higher philosophy to conduct ourselves for the good of the society and the mankind at large. This can be achieved without getting involved into any complexities by simply following the path shown by the Jesus to us and whom we are remember- ing today with utmost reverence and devotion.
Jesus belongs not only to the Christian communi- ty but to the humanity at large. Therefore while celebrating this Christmas let’s take pledge to work relentlessly with utmost sincerity towards adopting, inculcating and propagating the humane values underlined by the Lord Jesus.
This cannot be achieved by mere preaching but requires to be followed practically by one and all.
This year celebrating the festival let’s pray that peace and harmony prevail across the globe for all times to come. Amen!