The Bhagavad Gita is a unique scripture which caters to the entire range of human evolution. It stands for poise and equanimity and for performing one’s designated duty. Here are a few things that Lord Krishna has said in the Bhagavad Gita that we should all remember.  Honour Existence: The Bhagavad Gita says that the Universe is made up of eight substances: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether (Space), Mind, Intellect and Consciousness. The five sheaths to human existence are: the environment, the physical body, prana or energy, mind and consciousness. So, the whole uni- verse is an individual part, and we are part and parcel of the universe.  Peaceful Fight: Krishna tells Arjuna to fight but be in peace at the same time. He says, ‘First go inside and cleanse yourself. Do not fight with hatred, but fight for justice; fight with equanimity.’ Negative ideas come only when you are in rage. When you are calm and positive, creative ideas will come out of you.  Mind your Mind: The Gita says, ‘Your own mind is responsible for your bondage and for your liberation.”
The mind keeps changing its mind all the time. If your mind is trained well through Sadhana (spiritual prac- tices), it befriends and helps you. Otherwise your own mind behaves like an enemy.  Karma Yoga: Liberation is acquired by Nishkama- Karma – Action which is done without any feverish- ness or attachment to the fruits of the action. ‘Karma’ yoga is ‘doing work with total responsibility’.  Stop Hurting: Lord Krishna first hurts Arjuna by say- ing, ‘What a coward you are to want to run from the battlefield?” But Arjuna did not argue. So when you feel hurt, don’t shut down. Look into the situation. If the actions of a wise person, or someone who you have a lot of regard for, hurts you, then know that it is for some good reason. If a friend is hurting you, know that some karma is getting released. If the hurt is com- ing from an ignorant person, then have compassion.
These three attitudes can make your whole personali- ty shine.  You are Sukha: Remember that that which is tempo- rary is sorrowful. Sukha is inside you. Don’t look for happiness in that which is temporary, fleeting and changing. Joy and happiness is only in that which does not change.
 Witness the Flow of Time: Relevance of Gita is
observing the flow of events in your life. That is ‘Sakshi’! Look at your past- Is it not a dream? All gone, finished! Similarly, another 20 years will pass.
Remembering that, “Whether unpleasant or pleasant things are happening, I am a witness to it. My mind getting caught up in it is also part of the happening; I am witness to that also.”This is how you rise above any situation.
Just like how the air comes and blows everything away, in the same way, all of life’s events come and go.
But what is important is that you should not get stuck anywhere, move ahead and put in your efforts. Whatever is yours will come to you for sure.