Strong need to regulate the role of non state actors: Sunanda


JAMMU : One of the delegates Suananda Vishshit who came all the way from Huston, USA shared her experience on peace building in Y20 Youth consultation summit at Gen Zorawar Singh Auditorium, University of Jammu in her home state Jammu Kashmir.

In an exclusive interaction with Greater Jammu, International Political Commentator Sunanda Vashisht said, “It is big day as I talk about Jammu Kashmir everywhere but very rarely do I get a chance to talk about Jammu Kashmir in my beloved state Jammu Kashmir.

“The commencing of Y20 in Jammu just one month prior to the G20 meet at Srinagar is an opportunity to interact with future of nation. Srinagar is the one of the most important places where G20 will be conducted. The hosting of event G 20 at Srinagar is a very important development which gives a positive signal across the world regarding developments taking place there. Kashmir is always an important part of India and commencement of G20 India presidency is an eye opener for world,” she added.

As my topic is role of non state actors as in today’s globalised world non actors can plays pivotal as well as divisive role, She stated.

And it is more important in the state like Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh as well.  I would like to mention that there are two types of non state actors, one is the peace violators like terrorists. Government has the proper set up and policies to deals with such non state actors.

But there are another type of state actor who are transnational, have no boundaries as well as limit moreover that they are unaccountable to state Government.

“All MNCs, tech companies and many others like are the non state actors who are bigger than any state,” she mentioned.

Therefore there is a strong need to regulate the role of such non state actors or I can say that to discuss how to regulate them in Jammu Kashmir. They have more influential power through social media like twitter, google , she mentioned.

In her message to youth she appealed them to be the part of the mainstream as what you think today will be the policy of Government after 20 years around.

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