The Lila of the world creation is such that we spend a lifetime, in fact as the ancient Hindu sages realized many lifetimes just discovering our surroundings , our world and our systems.
We build houses, raise families, learn of relationships and emotes. Finally we sit down for an important question “What
is the purpose of our life?”
And this is followed by asking the basics ” Who are we really? Why creation ? And finally, Who is God?”
And mankind has a rich heritage of answers in multi cul- tural Divine texts and cultures. In today’s world of great tech- nology and information, where we are actually a global vil- lage, we can get insights into many paths, many traditions, each of which is unique by the experience of its practitioners.
And we begin to understand that God means different things to different people and in different times! And this is just right, because God is unlimited possibility! So how, if it all, do we ‘narrow’ down to Him?
One thing to understand is that God is not static, God is a process, ever evolving. Thus creation is not perfect.
Amazing, yes, but not perfect.
It can always get better, therein lies the fun. Perfection would signal an end point, the end of a process. luckily, there is no such thing.
We, are perfect for the time being, tomorrow, we shall be more perfect. Perfect, shall always remain a relative term.
And now when we find ourselves in this universe of manifes- tation, we shall always aspire for more becoming, better becoming. This is how we participate with God.
But you shall have to live through these periods of becom- ing, by being. Just like a caterpillar lives when he is not yet a butterfly; he knows he must become a butterfly, but, for the time being, he remains as he is, a caterpillar! He does not dispute the metamorphosis, he awaits it with a knowing. So too, we must appreciate our human role, as we await our transformation to an even high- er Divinity with awareness.
Aum Namah Shivaye! (SHAIL GULHATI
is a Jammu based Shaivite author ) (Derived from shail gulhati’s book The yogi and the snake, Available as an E version on Amazon: )